New generation game rpg

Hello every body ,
I want to realize new generation for RPG game what i prepared the scenario log time ogo and now i want to realize it .
I want team to join me for more details contact me

My skype is : iqrasoft.computers

Sounds interesting. What is this what you are writing about, this new generation?
Can you give us some more details?

Awesome ! Can we please give you money ?

As i said is new generation for RPG game i means never used in our time , i am gamer from the begin of RPG game and with my experience in this domain and ideas what i collect them i decide to realize my project what i created since 5 years ogo .
Important think as i see now exist tools like blender and team with good skills gived me more hope to realize it .
I want to have good team to prove my work for all fan RPG and you will realize what i said is new generation RPG game when i end it
who want to join my team let me know or join direct to my skype for example :

The important think to realize good game is to have a good story and scenario plus same new adding idea ,
Please i want first fan of RPG game and also good design person and coding not think i am good coder to be helpful my role will be as manager of the team and when we end the project i will publish it to have same income sure to be payed all participant on the project.

So no more information what you mean exactly? Your english is very hard to read

I speak good French so if you are French speaker you welcome :slight_smile:

Hello Sofianek, I sent you a request on Skype. Would like to help out with your project. I love playing games and code and write story lines. My email is [email protected]. Thanks a lot !


Hey mate, have you got any work to show us, or any of your previous projects that we can look at? It doesn’t need to have good graphics or be fancy, just to see that you can in theory. To attract people you need to show that you’re willing and able to work with blender, and not just be the “leader”. Personally I hate the “ideas man,” because the people doing the work also have ideas.

I don’t mean to offend you, you might very well be a great artist or programmer, so please don’t take this personally. I’m actually considering joining, and I’ll chat to ya on skype if you show a few pics of what you have got or have previously done.

Cheers mate,
hope to hear from you soon.

@Josip LOL.

I’m getting the feeling that you think a new idea for the background story means it’s a new game idea. It isn’t.

If you want people to take an interest, you need to show what you’ve done; even if it’s something you’ve done previously and unrelated to this project.

agreed. Is it a new story or a actuall new way of gaming or game genera?

Right. Could you elaborate a bit?

Well I don’t know. Since it’s an RPG, the story could in fact be most of the attraction. Therefore, even if the gameplay isn’t anything spectacular, a good story could easily balance that out – though it would have to be quite a story.

What people are asking is: What can YOU do, what have you done, and where can we find it.

A story is one of the easier parts. Can you code? model? texture? Will it be free? Have you used the BGE before?

A good story? Not necessarily easy. A basic story, as in, a couple of factions, at war, etc. etc… That’s easy. But to have good conflict, story twists, character development… It’s just as hard as writing a script for a movie, only harder, because it has to fit with the gameplay, and it’s potentially a lot longer.