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Be better if there was actually a gallery, at the moment I only found one picture by looking in the forum and the anti-aliasing was bad. :-?

Think Yafray is more developed at the moment. I prefer using things which are open source if I can help it too.

I’m just wondering what this rendering does well/what are its strengths?

Strengths ?
SPEED ! (and quality)

2min 50sec for this scene (Sponza atrium)…

Also this project seems very active

You really have some problems with links…

The atrium.

The Blender exporter

The renderer itself. (4 Mb)

Srry, but blender internal can do that in less than 10 sec. and better quality.
And I’m not really impressed of the features. but thx for the link anyway.

The setup was really easy to me. I tried to get cuastics working but it only happens inside the meshes. Personally I wouldn’t use, mainly due to the lack of material ability.

i do not even see how this exporter works!
after selecting the blender and an output folder do
do not see anything in blender which might give
me a hint how to get the stuff into the external
render engine!

no xml exprter or what ever.

any tip?


the xml exports the the folderyou chose @ installtion of the scipt, open it up in the GUI program and edit materials. In materials right click the left window sna and reload to get mats

Please not its main fuction is a GI renderer, problem is its just like blender, you can only get so much quality. Its the fastest GI I’ve seen with serval defferent mothods, Its faster then blender’s AO, but this renderer has the same problem since you willl still get blochy spots @ highest settings. Its AA is not too bad, but I can only seem to get Cuasity to work INSIDE a mesh so it wont reflect outside,

if rendering in passes, it is sometimes very smart to use multiple renderes which are each tunned to their specific task.

this could be a great way to get GI overlay for blender renders, thats faster than AO. tiny bit of Gauss blur afterwards would hopefully pull away any blotches.


ah ok i see i have to open the script by hand! blender somehow does not show it in export!

however the script gives me this error

global name vue is not defined!

any clues?


Buzzkill, no linux support. I was kind of curious to try it out.

The new Kerkythea blender exporter is available from the forum.
It was updated by Ideasman it works very well

Soon Kerkythea will go multiplatform linux,Mac,Windowz.

Lot of new features will be added. You can also make request the developre always is listening.

Path tracing is now available

Just out of curiosity: someone convince me why the world needs yet another GI renderer…

It seems to me like the latest trendwhore project (no offense)… :expressionless:

Hey, Clipi! Looks like lot of progress has been made. Had a look at some of the pictures in the forum. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity: someone convince me why the world needs yet another GI renderer…

Don’t care? Don’t use it. Quite simple.

Just to clarify and Issue…

Kerkythea is not new… it is a re-write of PHOS… which was around for sometime now.

The code is updated very fast and incorporating new concept and Ideas.

The world does need another “free” gi-renderer :slight_smile:
Bring’em on I say! I never look a gifthorse in the mouth.

Some reasons (all mine!):

  • Competition amongst renderers promotes developement
  • More renderers = more contributors (of course…it’d be better if they all worked together…but…we’re talking about humans here…)
  • More renderers = possible increase in features (SSS & Caustics & cool shaders anyone?)
  • Yafray is good…but if you’re good as well…it has its limitations, more renderers increase the choice and you’re not depending on just a few.

So yeah! More power to us all :smiley:


*/ provokation coming on

The only problem with new “free” renderers are that the developers have a lot of
fun in the beginning, and when the renderer just starts to get useable and the
problems are mounting up…

…it get’s abadoned. (Classic…happens all the time)

  1. The developers grow out of highschool/college/whatever-thesis
  2. The developers gets a life (girlfriends / jobs) so they code all day, why also do it in the evening? :wink:
  3. The developers are human…and the number of fanboys to keep the beer flowing in
    their veins …dry out?

Endprovo. /*

This is a fork of the original Blender 2.42 . Its aim is to export XML files to use Kerkythea as an external renderer .

JMS, if this is your work, you are breaking the GPL license.
the source or all modifications must be available

Hi lukep
It is a early stat of the Blender2KT project and when it is finish , i am sure that JMS will release the source . Right now it is to test if everything is working as expected ( beta testing) .So please let him work on his “baby” and then ask for the source or even better help with testing Blender2KT and improving features as a beta tester ( it is in this moment when we can ask for special functions , features, work-flow…etc :wink: ).

Greetings Patrick