New Glitch!

I can’t figure this one out. Here is a close up on my new char, with NO Material/textures set and just a lamp above him.

Please help me fix those strange glitches on his arms!

Try this,

go into UV face select, deselect “Tex” and Click “Copy Draw Mode”

EDIT: Oh wait I didn’t see the no materials bit, sorry :-?

I deselected ‘Ray’ on the Render Buttons and it went away. Too bad I need it. Does that help?

try ‘remove doubles’. it looks like a duplicate might be causing it.
<edit> maybe recalc normals too.

What the heck, how did you know that? Thank you so much! You guys rock.

If you ever see that grainy black and white mess, it more than likely is because you doubled the object or mesh, and then forgot it was there, or did not undo enough teps to make it go away.