New Goblin Game!!!!!

cough cough
This is a new game im starting. Everyone I ask says to start a small mini game before beginning a major project. So thats wat im doing. Kind of. A bit. Not really.

Actually no im not.

This is going to be a major project.:wink:

Just started moddeling the main character this morning. Its a goblin. I have absolutely NO IDEA about any storyline/enemies/terrain/levels etc. I AM NOT GOING TO BE LIKE OTHER PEOPLE AND SAY I NEED SUCH AND SUCH. If anyone would be willing to help ONLY with the storyline or any ideas for…anything, please feel free to tell me :p.



Oh, and also, this is a reference image I got off google =P.

Im gonna modify it a fair bit when im done.


Turn Subsurf off! Its not going to work in the game… It adds way to many polys!

Its a good mesh though

Good luck

NO! don’t turn subsurf off =P I love the smooth box look. Just make a normal map, and then you should be able to recreate him with about 30 polys?

Wow, that’s one high-poly mesh. What are you going to do with it? DO what Farthionner said?


My good fellows, chances are i am goin to turn subsurf off. =)
I only put it on so it looked better in the screens =P
But i might try what Farthioner said.

Quick Update-
Almost finished hands (not realy much of an update…)

Thanks for comments


He was being sarcastic… and rude… he was stating that their is not much detail in the mesh, it’s very basic, and cubey.

…I wasn’t being sarcastic.? I like the style.


It’ll need VERY elite textures to make that look good quality. I hope this doesn’t look negative, but there’s no point in saying it looks amazing. Although I like the style.

I say don’t put any textures on it, just simple saturated colors. That’d look nice.

I’d strongly advise you to take any help you can get, especially on a big project, It helps to keep you motivated when things start to slow down and the newness wears off. Anything but very small games usually have a few people working on them…

What keeps me motivated is negativity… when people say YOUR GAME SUCKS!!! YOU’L NVR FNISH IT!!!

I’m all like screw yall imma finish it… I’ll show you…

Hmm, thanks for comments.
It doesnt bother me if hes saying there isnt much detail, im doing the basic mesh first then starting all the intricate (is that how u spell it?) detail. Im sure that it will need really REALY good textures to turn out as good as i am hoping it will. And lastly, same with me. I love when heaps of people say my work will turn out crap, then it becomes fairly decent. IN UR FACE PEOPLE! =) Thanks

Im not sure if wat -[Killer]- said is true, and it doesnt bother if you dont like it, everyone has different opinions on different work. If you do than thanks, and i wasnt particularly trying to make this a very realistic looking game with AMZAZING graphics. I was more looking for a cartoony kind of game. With the saturated colour idea, that might work. Ill see how i go when i finish modelling, then ill start working on the texturing/colouring. Thanks for comments =)

I will take any help i can get. Ive seen ur work and it is really REALLY good. I particularly like the ‘Medieval Hack and Slay’ game. Really nice work on that stairway. So if you have any comments/suggestions/ideas id be glad to try them out.

Once again thanks for all comments, new screen of progress coming soon.


If he’s going to do much fighting, I think he needs an axe.
Somebody’s gotta put those elves back in line, they’ve been beating up on goblins long enough!

  • Just a story idea.

lol, love it Neonstarlight =)

an axe is the perfect weapon for a goblin.


Oo goody a new game.
Is this going to be a dungeon crawling puzzler? Because those are pretty swish games in my opinions, and personally I think designing the puzzles would be pretty fun to do.

Hmm, sorry andrew-101, i still have no idea wat kind of game this will be =(.

But a uzzler could definately be an option =)


sorry, i meant puzzler

this is the same mesh, though no subsurf which takes poly count down about 4k =PAt the moment this is 1482 polys, thats without fingers and head…


crap that was sposed to be render… oh well