'New graphic card' for my current PC

(Kinrove) #21

Here are some pictures without the fan.

It’s a Cooler Master and It looks like this one . In fact, It’s likely the same.

New photo by Geoffrey Orban

New photo by Geoffrey Orban

New photo by Geoffrey Orban

If you think I can rotate the heatsink, without moving the base and touching the thermal paste, I’ll go for it. But It looks like I won’t be able to do that without removing the thermal paste…

I’ve already replaced some termal paste but on a really old computer so I didn’t care much in case of failure, here It’s my main computer so I prefere to be carefull.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

(Grzesiek) #22

As that plate is adjustable (the “X” part) I have a 90% feeling you can.

Based on the photos it looks like a Cooler Master Hyper 212 (evo? or x?) either way

Looking at the mounting instruction, you can see how to adjust it to better fit the AM3 socket which gives you the needed 90*


(Kinrove) #23

Hello, yes indeed, rotating the heatsink is possible. But not without moving the base (The base of the heat sink where the copper pipes are linked and where the thermal grease is applied).

It’s not good idea to move it without removing the original thermal grease and apply a new one.
Maybe I should do that if I want to add some new RAM as well.

I have in fact two options :

  1. I leave it this way and I buy a new stick of 8Go.
  2. I move it and I can buy 2 sticks of 4 Go (could be more but not in my budget).

It’s going to be maybe the first step before the acquisition of a new GPU.

(Felix Kütt) #24

yeah, that’s what I was alluding to.


And yes, you would have to clean off and replace the TIM if you wish to change the orientation of the HSF.

(Kinrove) #25

Thank you very much for your advices everyone. I’ve just added 16Go of DDRAM, I’m now running with 24Go in dual channel. I could set the heatsink and fan correctly, so that the RAM modules are all reachable. I’m now waiting for my new GPU. I’ll probably wait for the black friday to invest on the GEFORCE 1060 6go probably as I’m not really in a hurry to get it.