new graphics card(HELP!!!)

hey got a NVIDIA graphics card and tried out game engine normal mapping but it didn’t work,:frowning:
is there a way to get it to work, I’m i doing normal mapping wrong what is the differences in normalmapping and bumpmapping and how do i correctly achieve them?


I have 3 questions:

  1. What card did you get?
  2. DId you get the latest drivers? ( or
  3. DId you use the search function to find tutorials to follow? That would be a good way of finding out if you’re doing it right.


(1) i got a Nvidia card.
(2) ?:spin:
(3) yes we looked but couldent find anything:(


(1) i got a Nvidia card.
(2) ?:spin:
(3) yes I looked but couldent find anything:(


Nvidia makes a lot of cards, and there’s a slight performance difference between a GeForce200MX and a GeForce8800 ULTRA.

Which card have you got? the older ones can’t do it at all. Many needs drivers which you download from their homepage.

You’re working with blender and you don’t know what drivers are? That’s probably your problem.

Go to, go to download drivers at the top, select your card that you bought, and get the newest ones + install them. THEN try it.

Drivers are the pieces of software that tell your computer (or more specifically, your Operating System) how to use the hardware. Without the correct ones, your computer will use generic ones with very little 3d support.

I’m using GForce 7200 series


one problem, i cant figure out what to do here, with the version i have.
I’m having a brain malfunction so please use small words


OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH,hehe nevermind i figured it out.:yes::spin::o
new prob, i have it instaled and all of the 2d filters work but the bump maping dosent AND if i use any d filters the game gets
is there any way to fix this?

please help!

Sorry to break it to you, but geforce 7200 IS SLOW. IIRC it’s a 64bit card with like 4 pipelines. A top of the line graphics card today is 384bit wide with 300+ stream processors.

oh ok, thanx anyways.:slight_smile: