New graphics card, PC and pretty much everything and still having problems

Hi I have been trying to get my head around blender for quite a while now and finally coming to the point where i can get into the nitty gritty of animation and Blender keeps crashing.

I have had to buy a new nvidia Geforce GT610 graphics card, a whole new PC thats running windows 7 with a quad core processor, 8GB of ram and 1TB HD. I assumed this would be more than adequate to complete my little project for my grandson. I am using Blender 2.72 but have even tried to upgrade it to 2.74 using blender cycles to improve the look but everytimme i try and go into render mode to take a look at my progress it crashes saying the openGL driver stopped working error 3.

Can anyone please please help. My grandsons gonna be about 18 by the time i get my first animation to him and hes only five now. LOL Am i missing something inthe settings or doing something really wrong? I have even been in contact with the people who made the Graphics card and am still waiting for a response.

Again please please help. I dont want to really get into my project just to lose it all in a crash.

Many thanks


Hi, do you use GT 610 for Cycles render?
It could be a timeout problem, look here:

Cheers, mib

The GT610 card is not only a couple of generations old, it is also the lowest end card from that generation.

It’s probable that because of that, any rendering you manage to get it to do will be slower than just using CPU rendering.

GPU rendering in general doesn’t really work well on those bargain basement cards, at the least, you need one in the mid to high range to actually get speed improvements.

what graphics card would you suggest but t would have to be a slim one because my Dell case is only slim

If budget and/or size is an issue, I’d go for a GTX750Ti. It’s small, cheap, comes with 2GB, and won’t toast your box.

It’s a bit old and on the lower end of the Maxwell line, though, so something in the 9XX line or a Titan, maybe? (if you don’t mind their price/consumption/size).