New Graphics Card vs two older

I try to decide which variant is better for me to get more performance for rendering in blender in general.
When i bought a GTX 1060 with 6GB VRAM in 2016 it was a nice entry graphics card to play games in that year with high details and was nice for blender too. But it wasn’t high end though.

Now since I do render much more with blender, honestly it could be faster doing it, especially compared to the tutorials rendering times on youtube^^

Looking at the market, the RTX 3070 seems to be a good choice at the moment, but also is around 600-700 EUR.
Counter calculating the value of maybe 100 EUR (best case) for my current 1060 graphic card, i would still be at 500-600 Bucks, but I would also have a much faster graphic card.

Another idea would be to buy another used 1060 for around 100 EUR and combine this two … but i dont know if this is really possible or the best choice at all …

Question 1: Can i combine two GTX 1060 graphics card to half the render time and have 12GB VRAM in the end? That would be 4GB more RAM than the 3070 for much less money.

Question 2: Can you recommend an alternative for my case? The budget is not more than the price for the 3070, less is welcome. Does it make sense to wait for some movement in the market in the next time? (I read somewhere that at the moment its not really a good time buying a new graphics card)

I think, getting two 1060 will definetely require a new power supply, my current 500W will not be sufficient … for powering just one new graphic card, i dont know if i need some new

Any suggestions?



first you can use two GPUs easily - being the same is better.
I have two GTX 1070Ti in my macPro.

Viewport as well as render into an image will be faster.
Not 2 times but close.

You will not be able to add the VRAM - the card max is the max you can use I think.
But didn’t CUDA allow to use PC RAM ?

Now to your RTX question.

My two 1070Ti are as fast as a Quadro RTX but to my understanding rendering with Optix is faster than CUDA not only in viewport.

The RTX 3070 is I assume significantly faster than the Quadro RTX 4000 thus if you can I would simply get the 3070 and a new power supply / or external and this way you have a more modern GPU plus you can render with Optix!

short: dont go with a second old gaming card.

Thanks a lot, i found some other stuff in the net giving me the same direction … but at the moment it seems nvidia has delivery problems, so actual graphic cards seems to be out of stock or unaffordable. So maybe i have to wait … looks like a nice christmas present :wink: hopefully they have some till then …

yeah just wait - I will actually get a 3070 myself and use an external power supply.

What do you mean by “external power supply” ?

If you have a Thunderbolt 3 port you have an option to power an external a GPU.
eg Blackmagic eGPU

You can as suggested use an eGPU case or simply get an additional pc power unite add a switch to turn it on off and connect the power directly to the gpu

Kinda a hack but works