New graphics card with no signal to monitor

Hey folks. Bought a Asus GTX560 Direct CU graphics card. Hooked it up to my computer and the monitor says ‘no signal input. Check monitor cable’. Then just black

My old graphics card is a radeon sapphire x1650

Any suggestions?

Can you boot into safe mode and get an image? If so it would suggest you have a driver problem or the resolution is set too high.

Did you remove the ATI driver before installing the new card?

If not try putting the ATI back in, remove the driver, then install the 560 and the nVidia driver.

Hey - well can’t get into safe mode as its just a black screen I have. I didn’t remove the ati driver. Will try that and see what happens…

Romoved the driver and placed the new card in the slot but still black screen… any other suggestions? Is there a way of installing a nvidia driver on this computer with the ati card in there? I tried but it says sofware not found and exit

Do you get any signal, like during boot? It’s not just something like connecting the external power - all these newer Nvidia cards need that… There’s 2 black 6-lead connectors from the PSU to the card or using adapters like the ones in this image…

Else there’s no need for drivers, uninstalling the old or installing the Nvidia ones PRIOR booting with the Nvidia card - the std VGA driver solves that. And if you get that far, Windows will connect to Windows Update and install the latest driver automagically - unless you manually specified the system NOT to check for drivers when adding new hardware… So I guarantee that’s not the problem here…

So I bet the card is lacking power. If not, worst case scenario, your motherboard don’t support the card due to incompatibility with the chipset or alike. It’s a quite old machine, looking at your CPU…

Edit (v2.0): With a GTX560 card it’s also recommended a 500w PSU… Even if the card might work w/ a 400- or 450w PSU it might fry when putting pressure on the card. Just a tip.

No signals. yeh I didn’t connect the lead to from the card to the computer and looking at the power unit it says output power 350w which is not good! his must be the prob. Will conect wores and get back to ye…

Ooh, wow, I though it was something like that but 350w is way low… I bet your PSU don’t have the powerleads and to be honest I wouldn’t even try using the adapters, chances are you’ll fry the PSU just booting. You really need to buy a bigger PSU… But at least now you know what to do. :slight_smile:

Yeh tried it and nowt. Still the same. So you reckon thats the reason why i’m getting a black screen. The card itseld seems to be working as in the fan comes on etc.

So is all i’d need is a 500w power supply?

you were saying also it could be that the motherboard probably doesn’t support the card? How could I find that out?

Yes. But as your motherboard isn’t the most modern, you really neet to check what kinda connections you need for the motherboard. Also, most new PSU use the SATA connections, not the old 4-pin molex ones, dunno what kinda drives, DVD-RW you got a.s.o. but you really need to check what connections you need so you don’t bring home a new PSU and then forgot to buy adapters & all that you might need…

There’s the different kinds anyway, just make shure you get all the ones you need and/or adapters for it when you buy the new PSU. :slight_smile:

Get more juice from th PSU side and if that doesn’t fix things, then it could also your BIOS settings. When I recently made a computer from scratch I had complete no signal from the new GTX580 card. Thing was, the BIOS was set to go through the onboard graphics (direct through motherboard) and this had to be changed manually before the new card would kick in. There may be settings in there which are hardwired for only your previous card to perform under.

To be honest I don’t know PCIe that well. I made a break from graphics and was head of sales for a big computer store a few years back, but that was before PCIe… I still build my own workstations and all that, but nowadays I check with the sales people that everything will work together instead of actually studying it, gotten kinda lazy it seems, hehe… So best I can think of is checking it with any local computerstore…

Edit: Yeah, it might also be the BIOS, not hardware. Nice catch Lancer.

So check BIOS settings and also check if there’s a BIOS update from the manufacturer. Even motherboards from Dell, HP a.s.o. might have updated BIOS-files downloadable from the manufacturers site. Try getting the MB number, it’s on there somewhere… Then just google it + BIOS and/or ‘firmware upgrade’… :slight_smile:

Thanks for that lads. Will look into the juice thing and make sure I get the right cables. Will let ye know then if its the bios

hey folks. So got more juice for the graphics card but same problem. Still black screen. Haven’t tried the BIOS. Can anyone guide me through what i have to do? Can I get back from changing stuff in the bios?


So, you got a new PSU also? You cannot run a GTX560 on a 350w PSU. But if you did and got the dual 6-pin connectors to your card, if it doesn’t boot, you will get beeps from your motherboard telling you there is an error. Du you get beeps?

No beeps. have a 550 w power supply now

Recently the same happended to me, seems recent power surges corrupted mobo bios(cmos)- took out battery for 10 minutes put back in and it worked perfectly.

Then I’m at a loss. Card with power & no beeps = should work. If you still have a black screen it’s either the monitor or the motherboard. :stuck_out_tongue: