New Graphics Card

Hey everyone, Im buying a new graphics card. Atm I have a ati 3870 x2 1GB card, however I am getting problems with Blender GE what with the bad driver support.

So an Nvidia card would be nice, Im willing to spend up to £250. To be used to play the newest games, open gl & blender development. Would be nice if it had cuda support as well…

Any ideas?

I’ve just bought a Gtx 260 896MB 216 core version and it’s a huge improvement over my old 8800GTS 320MB.

Gaming is going to be smooth for some time on the card and 2.49a and 2.5 both run extremley smooth, i’m actaully running 2.5 across two 20" 1650x1050 screens and even with a few million polygons the interface is pretty responsive.

It’s a gainward model, but there are a few other decent brands.

I got an ATI Radeon 4350 512MB PCIe card from visiontek. Works great.

bad driver suport? instal catalyst and update the drivers. ati has made great strides in their drivers.

The game engine wont even run with it, kind of strange. I have the latest catalyst drivers too…

Hey Dan havent seen you for a while, what projects you working on?