new Graphics tablet method

Has anyone seen the new graphics tablet called Navinote.
it looks really good. I was even thinking of buying it but wasn’t sure if it had pressure sensing on the pen or not. if anyone know the answer that would be cool.

The different thing about this graphics tablet is that you don’t have to draw on a pad you can just draw on any flat surface and it will pick up what you are drawing to a 0.2mm precision up to a size of A3!

Thanks for your help…


doesn’t look like it does, and if not, then you should stick to pencil/scanner.

i have a similar tablet to this

all you basicaly do is clip it onto any notepad and turn it on, anything you write with the regular ink on the notepad gets recorded onto the pc, works fairly well but has a few snags, and no its not preasure sensative and you actualy have to draw on paper for this work

lol yep. i wouldn’t ever buy a product without pressure sensing

i just got an email (finaly from the company)

“Unfortunately, our products dont have pressure sensitive at all, and we dont consider it also because we just target for general using for handwritten documentation, not graphic.”

so my hopes have died :frowning: o well. if only!

thanks your help though.