New grass for an old house


I am trying static particles for the short (dead) grass. Let me know if this looks better.

Here is another B/W version.

How can I create softer shadows?



This is a great improvement in the look of the grass.

I might recommend that you alter the color of the road a bit. More brown would seem to be indicated. I like the look of the grass, although a bit of brown … and maybe even some green thrown in would look a bit more realistic I think.

Just a suggestion. Overall, much better than I could do (at this point) :slight_smile:

The new grass is a real improvement - I like it.

wow. this is really an impressive scene. the grass looks great at the moment.

aside from the grass for a moment, do the steps, porch, and porch column seem a bit too perfect for such a weathered house? I would have imagined the edges would be alot softer from wear? maybe even cracked in a place or two? (feeling like a cad criticizing such a great looking scene…).

the road could probably use a little more brown in the main track areas…

Very nice Erich. The grass is better than before and not too blurry. The path looks a little blurred though. Apart from that it’s very good. I like it that you have a well defined style. That’s important as an artist because I would recognise it as your work from just the image.

For softer shadows, you either use dmap shadows or an area light. The manual has a good section on outdoor lighting. Not sure you need them though because the sharpness is what defines your style and bright lights make sharper shadows anyway. See the shadows on this homestead:

Thanks everyone for the comments and critiques. :smiley:

I have modified the grass color. Is it still too yellow? :expressionless: I have also darkened the road. I will correct the blur with the next render.

I agree about the porch and steps. I think I can just subdivide the model and move some vertices.

I am thinking about adding some more items to scene. Possibly a tree branch in the top right corner, a wind mill behind the hay bales, and maybe a barn down the road. I guess some foreground objects might help. Any suggestions?


Maybe you could experiment with different camera lenses to see different results… because as I see the model is perfect…