New: Grid Gallery View!

I’m excited to announce a new feature on Blender Artists that will help you enjoy the Artwork categories even more: Grid View!

The Grid View gallery is a new display mode that will be enabled by default for topic lists in the Artwork categories. You can disable it with the ‘grid off’ button - your preference will be saved in your account.

Here’s what it looks like:

There are still a few things to be solved:

  • Layout issues in Firefox
  • Anonymous users cannot disable the Grid View

These will be handled early next week.

Of course, this view will be released as an open source Discourse plugin.

Are you ready to give it a try? Visit the #artwork forum (or any of the subcategories), or the #featured art gallery. Enjoy!

PS: A big thanks to @ChameleonScales for re-tagging the entire #featured gallery in preparation of this launch! :+1:


Amazing !
A little recommendation to make the feature more visible/discoverable:

  • When in list view mode the button could be:
  • and when on grid mode it could be:

Great idea, I love it!

“entire” is a big word. I just recovered the past year’s feature row history since that’s when I started saving it. The feature row hasn’t been kept track of prior to that. But the #artwork:forum-gallery category goes way back to the old days which is awesome! (the thumbnails for the oldest ones could use some fixes though)

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Great suggestion! I’ve added the icon with CSS, but need the help of the plugin developer to update the text. I’ll ask him. :+1:

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Very nice improvement, good job! Given the rate of artworks added, all amazing, it’s a shame they are only visible for a few days. Do you think a ZbrushCentral like Scrollable feature bar is an option?

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Click on the ‘Featured’ button to see the gallery. I’ll probably move that to the top navigation soon for better visibility.


it looks great actually, it laged at the beginning but it work ,
the thing is , you almost get confused ,which is the future raw and the gallery grid , thy are all the same size and in the same position, i can see that there is a thin gray border , between the bar raw and the gallery, i am not sure may be add some margin to it or padding is it, ?
or even beater add a 10% alpha black color to the grid background , to make it appear,

but its all just suggestions

Yes I agree there needs to be a better visual separation. I’ll work on that.

yes separation, words always ,fail me , separation .
i would v uploaded some screenshots after adjusting with scc, but it,s been too long sens i worked coding , i need sometime to re-sharp my skills
but yeah it would be nice if it happens

I think statistic would confirm not too many people will click on “Featured” nor on “More” to load threads that get old with with 1-2h. On this site I have personally clicked “MORE” less than 5 times, although i visit daily. After all this is a site that is designed for Autoloading content on demand and to suggest clicking is to kill the flow. Everything is just too fast paced. Artist spend days, weeks, months on their artwork and it’s gone in 3 days. One way to remedy is to make content load on main page on demand such as with ZbrushCentral like scrolling (+gallery, both of which it has) and bonus points for scrolling on mainpage autoloading more threads. There’s no downside to this.

5 posts were split to a new topic: Suggestions for the featured bar

I’ve made the following two changes:

  • Hidden the featured bar on gallery grid views - I think that makes more sense in those contexts?
  • Added ‘Forum Gallery’ to the top navigation for easier discoverability/access.

Great feature. Under Firefox I have to click the Grid On button twice before it takes. Not a big deal, and it toggles with one click after that.

Sidetrack: Anims section probably needs a reminder upon thread creation to post a thumb image not just videos. So many BA logos / placeholders.

I’ll report that, thanks!

Video’s should not need an image - the plugin pulls the posted image from them. I’ll look in to that.

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great :slight_smile: Thanks! (already saw this teddy bear somewhere, don’t remember where :P) #artwork grid bookmarked ( for the classic teddy bear which render very nice in cycles but even in eevee with few tweaks)

I’ve made some minor layout adjustments to the featured bar and grid gallery to avoid layout ‘jumps’ and to maximise image size.

@bartv Any news on the Firefox layout issues?