New guitar (pictures)

WHeyyy! new guitar

bought it the other day, arrived today, payed £200 brand new, its not a highly known brand but the quality is really second to none, this thing play’s awesome :slight_smile:

what do you think?

looks like a mix between a Paul reed smith, and Les Paul. I guess they like the name Paul. haha. It looks pretty good, considering how much it cost. I got my hollowbody on discount at about 300 dollars (150 pounds). Proves that we are all poor musicians here. :wink:


haha that saying is the best, why spend £2000 on some craftsman selected mahogany and gold plated hardware when you can have a decent mahogany body and gold painted hardware that plays the same for £200… well i guess it stems down the fact most people think money = qaulity, maybe, but to some degree…

sounds like a pretty good buy, have you been playing for long?

i just jizzed in my pants…ima find where you live and steal it!! i love Les Pauls!!!

have you been playing for long?

I’ve been playing for about two to three years. Both my baby brother and I got sucked into the fad somehow, but I started playing and it’s gotten me playing more music than one would can be comfortable with haha. I’m not any Hendrix, or Van Halen mind you. lol, but my baby brother is.


And fellow string instrument players :smiley:
I think visual and acustic arts get along great. I cant mesh without any music :slight_smile:

Here´s my Wall’o’doom. I got two more guitars under my bed, i was too lazy to drill more holes in the wall :smiley:
And i play a H&K TourReverb100 Halfstack and an Attax100 Combo and play now for… hmm ~15 years. But unfrequent lately,first army and then study and work got in my way.