New guy :D, starting new project

So im starting up a rpg with a friend. I know alot of you might tell me to give it up now and save myself the time but even if I only got a small portion of it complete, i’d be happy. I’ve only been using blender for a couple weeks and i’m trying to learn unity. On top of that i’m trying to learn c# :P. I know alot but I find it fun… so far i’ve spent over 50 hours on this. I’ve worked on one scene so far, i’ll post a rendered image of it. We have about 1 hour of gameplay written in script so far. I kind of juggle them all as to not get bored and realize some of the material I make now may not even go in the end result. Like I said though i’m learning and it’s fun. There are things i’m finding challenging but am willing to work through like: polygon counts, how to put a scene together, how to create dynamic story full of twist and turns and how to take all of this and put it together :D. In the rendered image each object, for example the house, is made of one big mesh, then seperate meshes not join like the pipes and window. Any tips on accomplishing my goals would be appreciated but not required. I just hope to post results and share what i’ve learnt and created and hopefully some of you will enjoy it ^.^ Please don’t tell me to give it up though, i’ve read many post on poeple telling others to give up their “massive” projects because they were either noobs or didn’t realize the attainable:p. Anyway thanks guys for checking this out!!! Also this scene isn’t finished but here it is so far…

People who say give up are stupid. Having fun is all that matters.

Good choice on using unity although I believe there is more functionality implemented with javascript then c#.
50 hours isn’t really allot, but work on it is you see fit.
You might want to make screenshots of when it is loaded into Unity. There’s no point in adding detail if you can’t use it.
I remember several great tutorials on how to load things from blender into Unity. You can find them here:

So remember, have fun and don’t worry about anything else.

I think that it would be better for you if you started with something smaller first to learn the tools, and then approached an rpg. Well, it wouldn’t hurt if you had written the script and had designed all the levels before starting the actual modeling and other work.

I’m not trying to discourage you in any way at all, just giving advice I was told at the level design course I attend (yup, I’m making a game in the future ;))

Good luck, guys!
I’ll be watching you! :smiley:

Thanks guys! Especially for the tuts… I do have a question that would help while I go over the tuts, is it better to make all these objects seperate or export them all together into unity… well the tuts might answer this haha so i’m going to go check those out. Thanks again and i can promise I will stick with it and most definantly have fun:)

There are several things I consider when deciding if I want items to be a single mesh or multiple meshes.
First, If I need them to blend together.
It is much easier to paint scratches, stains, and rust that is shared by two items if they are the same mesh.
Second, do I need the items to fit perfectly together.
Third, what will adding these meshes do to the topology. If adding one mesh to another causes it to create an absurd amount of vertices or bad topology, it’s not worth it.
Fourth, how will it render. Objects that are made of glass might need to be a separate “solid” object.

There is probably better ways of determining if objects should be one object or several, but these are a few of the things I consider.

Thanks alot Mack! You’ve helped alot, yeah it’s slow going right now, as I am mostly just watching tutorials and getting different ideas. It is still going though and i’m still have fun.:slight_smile:

Rather than starting by saying “give up”, I’d say…

  • No matter it will be en enriching experience whether you finish it or not.
  • RPGs needn’t be hard to code. Coding real time can be hard so you will have a MUCH harder time if e.g. you go for Action-RPG hack’n’slash instead of turn based.
  • Unity is a decent choice in first approach although I was told Unreal is easier (I’m cross-guessing it’s actually comparable, currently using neither).

On this note and sharing my own experience, I managed to get my first 3D game done (solo project coded and blended in the middle of the night) one year ago. 8 months passed before it got done; the code was trash as I totally bothered only with getting the thing done to prove to myself I could get it done ( professionally a software architect so I know about bad code very well, hehe ). The animation was… well I wished I got help with that. 3D Gfx were simple but simple isn’t bad, got some good feedback from players in the end.

So yea it’s possible. One thing that helped me was down-sizing (making the game shorter). One thing that helped me was preparation ( been mucking about with learning various game related stuff since baby-hood ). One thing that helps my current project ( just posted in w.i.p.s ) is quitting the day job, another is quitting being a hero and inviting others to help out / contribute.

Thanks TEA!!! Yeah I made my first head, illpost pictures. NOthing this detailed is going in the game but i figured if I made this other things would be easier to do and understand. I’m working on my first character model right now, hoping it will turn out good i’ll post a pic when im done… hopefully around 3000 faces isnt too many, lack of experience shows there… Well thanks again guys


p.s. Tea your game looks amazing, especially for one person… I just checked it out, well I watched the video hahaha cant wait til you bring out another project

Heres what i got so far on that character, one without a subdivision one with. One without is around 500 faces and the one with is around 2600.


Hey guys just wanted to add a pic, the body with a head lol…


Okay, new to blenderartist maybe, new to blender… i don’t think so. That high poly head is way to good for you to be new to blender.

I am new :frowning: I followed the tutorial on cgcookie to the t… the head model one lol and it took me 3 days haha I could upload it and let you see it, the topology is f’ed up but with some subdivisions and a little sculpting thats what I got. It would also help you understand that I am jobless and its all I do, since im waiting to leave for basic training for the Navy on April 5th… honestly though the head probably isnt able to be animated though but my character models I hope are because thats whats going in my game.

Also one more thing… I’ve triedfollowing tuts for this but im not quite understanding. I have the mesh unwrapped and am trying to texture it in gimp. Does anyone know best tools to color like an anime styled character in gimp and then the process of applying it to the mesh. I tried using the bucket tool or whatever to make the hair mesh just all brown but the lines on it showed up, not the seems but the actual outline. Then I tried to apply the uv by opening the uv editor and then opening the saved uv with color but it only showed up in texture mode and not when I rendered it… If noone knows or feels like answering no biggie, I’ll figure it out eventually hopefully lol

Just another update :smiley:


Hey guys, well, i got a simple walk animation going and some more story. I was wanting some opinions though. Do you think the character i’ve shown is enough detail for a menu based rpg or do you think I should make a more detailed one. I want one with a little more detail but the it may take to make all the characters might prove too much then. I’m not sure just wanted to know what some other people thought… THANKS!!!:smiley: