New Guy Making Ginger Bread Man

Hi, I am new to Blender and to animation and I am working through the tutorial for making the ginger bread man. Everything seemed fine but when I got a side view of the character, his disembodied head is floating in front of his body. View from the front looks normal.

Body and head are one object. How can I separate them so that I can move the head closer to the body?


You don’t have to separate them just to reposition the head. Switch to edit mode, select all the vertices of the head (B key), and then move the head to where you want it (probably best done from side view). If you really want to make them separate objects, after selecting all the vertices of the head, press P and click “Selection”.

Hope that helps.

Great, thank you! I actually got it done, but I wasn’t sure how I did it. Your explanation makes it clear, though. You’re right, I actually didn’t need to separate them, but it is good to know how to do it!

To separate go into edit mode. Select the faces you want to make a new object then hit ‘P’. :slight_smile:
Clicking one face and pressing ‘L’ might select the whole head or whole body, so try that first!