new guy needs help with texture painting

Hey guys, im new to the world of 3d and i have been using blender for about 6 months . I have just started to get into textures and have learnt alot from youtube.
However… i have been texture painting using the clone layer but it keeps mirroring the texture to parts that i dont want. Also when i try to render it al i see is the defult colour and no texture. Youtube is great but it never shows you how to overcome these problems.

The mirroring is hard to say because I don’t see an image. But the rendering is more than likely because you have not assigned it to a material. (actually the texture tab under “influence” in 2.5 and the Mapping tab to assign it to a UV Map., then select the image under “Image”) That is separate from painting. Painting gives you feedback in the viewport for the texture that you are painting on in the UV editor. By the way are you using 2.5 or 2.49?

thanks for the reply, Im using 2.49 it took me a year to kinda figgure out blender so one more bit just would confuse me i recon. I did a youtube tutorial on texture painting and it never showed me how to assign it to a material. How do i do that?

When you go to Texture Painting mode / Editing buttons under Paint tab, at the very bottom left corner is button that say “Add New.” If you have texture in your Blender file that is where it will show up on the pull down list and that is where you select it as your brush texture.

Now for the texture, the only method I found to display different texture is to create it under Shading / World buttons. In that list of buttons you will find Texture and Input tab. Just select Add New buttons to create one. Once you hit Add New and type in the name, select Texture buttons to bring up your standard texture buttons where I usually just call up Blender procedural texture like Cloud. Set the texture parameter there. Than go back to Shading / World buttons. And set Map To tab. I generally just pick the color of my texture there. You can enter up to 10 different textures pattern to be used as a brush that way.

In 2.49 it is with the material tab. If you made an image texture you can then map it.

Have a look here:

Then the manual is a good read:

Go over all of the stuff about materials and mapping.

thanks guys i got it sussed now.