New guy says hello...with a pic

Hey, thought i’d join the fun here on elYsiun :slight_smile: I’m about to finish my first serious project in Blender. The project was intented as a study in Blenders modeling tools, working with materials and rendering in Yafray. Still need to tweak some things, but i’ve learned a lot from it.

Check it out here, its a fictional MP3 Player

Excellent first post!

Really like the sleek design. Looks like it could be a real design.

The buttons and the screen look to be very flat though. You should model them seperately and then texture them to give them some depth.

That is all I can find that would imrpove it though.


Thanks for the comments. Actually i was going for a nice touch screen design. The idea is that the interface of the player changes depending on the options chosen. So if i was to choose “Playlist” instead of “Now Playing” the current buttons would disappear…and so on and so forth :slight_smile:

But you’re right it does make the model itself a bit flat and less interesting.


Really great design, I would buy one. You should have patented the idea about the buttons changing depending on the selection, its a good idea. Too late now to do this I’m afraid :expressionless:

Very sleek and shiny, I anticipate to see some good modeling from you.

Thanks. Think i’ll do a car next :slight_smile: