New guy w / updates

This is my newest model. I have changed the hair rig to spline Ik after making the video. Hes still not textured yet . I plan to change/remodel the pants/ shorts . He still looks a little stiff to me after 3 attempts to animate. I did a drop off into a pool animation (not so good). I have no reference videos for skates boarding. I could not find a drop off into a pool animation for reference so I did a more simple animation.

very nice. i like the look :slight_smile:

Thanks . I thought he looked like Keven Bacon and would model him to look more like the actor but his face has already shape keys.
At the end of the animation when his mouth is twisted and his brows are up is where I saw a resemblance

very well done. The movemnet is surprisingly smooth. Camera really helped.

Thanks that very nice of you to say.
I did another one walking , not cycled.

Great look and nice style also.

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fun and creative work!

Nice animations! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I am working very hard to learn. I have one more.
For pulling the plug i got the idea from Pinocchio 3000 .For talking, planet 51 where the caricature is saying brains for breakfast ? brains are for lunch ! or something like that. I did not try to lip sync. The rest are my ideas.
This has shape keys for the face, lots of them( thanks to how easy it is to add drivers in 2.5+). A little adjustments and Ill try to animated the face.
Still not textured cause i never got good at texture painting.
I did some modeling work under his nose after this animation I think It looks better now. looks like he had a stiff lip.
I weight painted the neck some you can see the bone sticking out in this vid.
added shape keys to the shirt so you can see the folds when he bends left forward and right( you can see in pulling the plug)
I will post the blend when I fixed all I know to fix. for critiques