new guy with a project need help

Hi all, I just have to say Blender is awsome! just stumble upon it a couple of weeks ago and with it, I can turn my vision into reality.

up until now, I’ve been using Zbrush. It’s a great program but the things I wanted to do I couldn’t achieve with Zbrush alone. That’s where blender will come in handy!

Some examples all done with Zbrush and Photoshop.

Now, what I’m going to do is make my basic meshes in blender transport it to Zbrush make finer details and paint the model and transport it back to blender where I can finish it off.

The problem I encountered is when I transport my models back to blender the program lags and slows way down. I know it’s probably because of all the polygons.

Is there a more efficient way to transport .obj files that still keep all the details but not slow the blender program down.

Blender ?
P.S Also when I try to use the bounding box by pressing the Bkey I don’t get the
lasso/dotted line. Any clues for this problem?

Thanks for looking! :smiley: I’ll show more WIP on my project as time passes.

Well I think that if the polycont is high,lag is inevitable.There are two solutions:
-1:Upgrade your computer(more RAM,better video card)
-2:use normal maps,you can have a small polycount and still keep all the detail.

Hope that helps!

P.S:That character looks pretty awesome,great style!