New guy working on Still

Ok its about my 4-5th week on Blender, and I have gotten very used to the controls.

Over time I have used tutorials and guess-revise methods to make some simple images.

Right now I am working on what I call my final still image before I go on to learn animation basics. From animation I will go back to stills working on making characters and more Detailed images.
Anyways, here are some simple images I have made:
If someone could tell me how to fix the background distortion that’d be swell.

And here is my current project,
This is using beyond to many verticies for my comp and Im lagging in making it, Also I cant seem to find a way to make the halo object reflect on the water. As for the grass, I realize there is alot of space between each blade, and I have fixed it, but I ended up taking alot out, and am in the proccess of replacing them.

Anyways, any suggestions to this would help me so much.

Thank you,

Look pretty good for 5th week. Much better than my 5th week in animation. About the first picture, Is it supposed to be a machine gun? If so you might want to include a barrel and make it look more like one. IT is kind of hard to tell what it is. Hope that helps!

Ah right well I had another one with a side camera angle and a target, but the empty blender background kind of killed the whole thing.

Here’s a more visible veiw of

I think you have the potential for being a good artest with time and effort. Have you looked into shadowing and lighting because the shadows in the first image are to dark because of the sun your using. Read up on lighting, maybe use an area lamp to soften the shadows. Remember, what ever lamps you use, enabling or disabling “Ray Shadow” will cause that lamp to produce shadows or not.
Keep at it. :slight_smile:

Well I wanted the shadows because this is the main image I use to show some of my friends to try to get them to try it out. But when I used an area lamp the image turns slightly white (regardless of the energy or the distance from the objects), and Im actually using a normal lamp.

but thank you for the compliment, I will be working as hard as I can (although some of my images will have to be done on my laptop(such as the monitor image with the star background))

Anyways can someone help me with the reflection of the sun in the final image? And also how do I get an object to append with all of the parented objects and the textures?

looks good

Ok well Im back from about 2 weeks away from my desktop, so Although I dont have any updates, I still need to know how to make a halo reflect (if possible, a frind of mine said you cant but he hasn’t used Blender for at least a year and a half.)

Also, Im running blender with just under a gig of RAM and an intel Pen. 4, and Im getting serious lag with the Lake scene and the machine gun due to the verticies count. How can I lower the lag?

with airia lamps you eather haft to use a verry small enegy value, or a verry small distance.

the graphics card is the most impotent thing for real time performance, to improve the performance in the 3d view port you can just reduce the subserf of the display, and leev the render value at around 2 or 3.

Ok thank you very much. Ill give that a try, but as for graphics cards Im running a card from ATI that can run Half Life 2 Ep 2 at Max detail with little to no lag in enemy-less areas. So its not Perfect but not bad either.

Ok thank you very much. Ill give that a try, but as for graphics cards Im running a card from ATI that can run Half Life 2 Ep 2 at Max detail with little to no lag in enemy-less areas. So its not Perfect but not bad either.
guessed you probably were using ATI, ATI+blender, and opengl aps in general normaly = bad performance.

Oh gotcha, any Idea on what card to use?

any nvidia card should work, i am currently using a 7600 gs, it works fairly smoothly up to about 400k polys (on Linux). avoid the 8 series, the high end 7 series cards easly outperform the 8 series, with the sole exception of the 8800, witch is currently quite expensive.

Well Currently im a Vista user (dont hate, it came with the comp, and i play PC games aswell so Eh) but I suppose Ill have to flow with the lag for a bit. Anyways, Im working on the lamps in the Machine gun and the new version of the lake scene.

Ok here we go, the first use of Area Lamps (on this image)

Personally the shells’ Shadows seems to distort the sphere that makes up most of the gun, and the rest of the scene looks way to dark (Id prefer to see all of the thing s on the picture for demonstration purposes) but as a slightly more dramatic picture the shade looks nice.

As for the back drop and everything, I just got lazy and didnt center it to the frame.

The reflection on teh round pat of the gun looks way to bright. Might want to lower the spec on it.

Damn Ive been away long. Well first off Ive been looking for a way to make my computer run this faster (render times I dont care about I can go eat some icecream while I wait or pwn in some halo, but the designing process sucks in the Lag), and this weekend I was a little busy so I never turned on my computer. So, Here is the new machine gun (seems to be my greatest topic here) with less reflection. but still to lazy to move anything. I dont think its any better…

And Im also going to restart the big scene that I have had most of the issues with.

The lighting on the gun needs some serious work. The light coming in from the right is overexposing the barrell and the body of the gun while the other half of your gun is hidden in shadows. Try the blender wiki and read up on some simple lighting set ups like three point lighting there also great suggestion there on how to fix bad lighting.

Thats what Ive been saying, a single light doesnt seem t work on a standing object, What Im going to try is using a Hemi on YafRay, on my latest I tried that and it seemed to work well.