New Hair Particles Patch!

Looks like sometime today, we got a new hair particles patch.

I tried to find the Blender SVN source for 28.5.2007 but all I could find were links to CVS repos, all of which gave me PAGE NOT FOUND errors.

Does anyone know how to get the 28.5.2007 SVN against which we can apply this patch? Or, does anyone know where a Linux (Ubuntu 7.04?) build of this Blender might live? I’m really curious about this patch, and want to give it a try.

Looks like hair cutting, combing, styling are in this patch.

I think I’ve found out how to do it:

$ svn checkout

We’ll see if this ends up being the right state of the repo. Unsure if they make nightly tags or nightly builds anymore. :confused:

This will get EVERYTHING from the blender repository, including all branches, tags and whatnot.

If you’re a typical Windows developer, you’ll do:

> svn co blender
> svn co lib/windows

Skip the second command, if you’re on linux.


Very nice.

Right now I’m worried that with all the features that Jahka is adding, he won’t be able to squash all the bugs for the next release! From a personal point of view, I feel he should squash all current bugs before adding more features.


Koba: :slight_smile: you might be very right, but even if it doesn’t look like it from the number of the bugs vs. new things I am concentrating on fixing bugs and making the code stable. The new things are mostly just making old things work better and adding a little splice on top if I think it’s relatively safe.

Good to hear it Jahka!

Have you noticed any crashes with particle edit mode when the explode modifier is on? I can send you a .blend if you like (that said, instantly reproducible on my system!).


Thanks again jahka! =) You rock!

Bugs aren’t fixed, and this won’t make it to Blender 2.5.

Heck 2.5 isn’t due out for 6-7 months according to the roadmap so there’s plenty of time:yes:

what is new with this patch?


Here is what is new,

+*bugs fixed
+**deleting all particles in particle mode crashed
+**billboards crashed without an active camera
+**adding particle ipos from the “ADD NEW” menu crashed
+**duplicating objects that had edited particles left wrong pointers leading possibly to memory leaks
+**billboard tilt drawing didn’t work in relative time
+**using uv-coordinates in a texture without actually having any uv’s crashed when rendered
+*new things
+**texture field effector with the old rgb & gradient options

  • new curl option
    +**option to show child particles in particle mode
    +**billboards support “tiled animated” textures
    +**separated explode functionality to a separate modifier that uses the previous particlesystem in the stack
    +***due to this old files with explode being used may not work correctly (not guaranteed to work but to try circumvent this use an old patch and disable the explode, then open with new patch and add a new explode modifier below the particle system)
    +**weight painting of particle attributes updates interactively
    +**curve guides work interactively
    +**particle instance modifier has options for “normal” instancing / “along path” instancing and options for unborn, alive & dead particles
    +**curve, surface & text objects can now emit particles
    +***for now the modifier stack data is not used for these types
    +***still very new code so please test to death!!
    +**random rotation factor for billboards
    +**slightly better baking (less memory allocations) so if you get trouble with baking it’s probably a new bug
    +**very early experimental “branching” feature for child paths… for lightning etc.
    +***unfortunately the halo vector rendering is not quite up to par to render these lines properly, but like I said it’s still very early
    +**lattice support
    +***the first lattice in the modifier stack after a particle system is used for the particles of that system
    +***separate option to apply lattices to baked particles
    +Leaving for a week in Bulgaria so I thought to leave you guys something to play with. So in other words you have a week to find me some pretty darn good bugs! :slight_smile:

(edit for readability (don’t think it kills the effectiveness though) basse)


jahka,have you implemented the special uv map for strand I asked you sometimes ago?
In the release notes you say something like that,it could be very useful for multi strand hair.
I have tried two days ago with the recent older patch and it crashes immediately,I don’t have fortune with your work.

No luck building Blender. Apparently my version of OpenAL-dev doesn’t include a key file Blender wants (AL/alut.h, if you want to know). I’ll sit this one out for a few days until I either come upon a build someone’s done, or I have a brainflash about how to come upon alut.h (preliminary Google search didn’t help much).

intel macosx build :slight_smile:

Perhaps you could take a look at the official OpenAL website, where ALUT is listed for downloading… :wink:

Oh. Wow. I think I’ve finally got it done. Here’s what I did on my Ubuntu 7.04 system:

Read JesterKing’s post, and only checkout trunk and lib directories (the INSTALL directions said I need the lib directories even if I don’t have win32). Then install a whole bunch of libraries, some of which I swear weren’t documented. Following is my shell history installing all that stuff:

523 aptitude update
526 aptitude install libjpeg62-dev libpng12-dev
534 aptitude install libsdl1.2-dev libopenal-dev libsmpeg
536 aptitude install scons
539 aptitude install g++
545 aptitude install libalut-dev
549 aptitude install libtiff4-dev
552 aptitude install python-dev
554 aptitude install libopenexr-dev
557 locate libXi
558 cd /usr/lib
560 ln -s

EDIT: every shell item from 545 onward were in response to the scons compile dying with cryptic errors (which, fortunately for me, aren’t so cryptic I wasn’t able to figure it out)/EDIT

There were a whole lot of “apt-cache search XXXX” commands in there I deleted so you don’t have to see the pain I went through figuring this out. Many of those also install dependencies, so make sure you use aptitude or apt-get, which will resolve the dependencies.

Then I just did “scons” which built it. At this point, I knew I could compile plain vanilla SVN checkout of Blender. Then I patched it with the hair particles patch:

$ cd ~/Dev/blender
$ patch -p0 < particles_full_svn_28_5_07.patch

Then I did “scons” again, and it compiled properly. You don’t know the restraint I’ve had to use to come make this post to tell you how I did it instead of playing with the patch. But this is how much I love you guys. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a question. I’m using Jahka’s particles and some flats ( displaying as objects, not billboards), to set up a scene that will later be implemented with Blender People (but probably still particles and flats for the background) -

The problem is new particles are born and old particles die during the animation -


Any ideas how to give particles a constant existance?

Any ideas how to give particles a constant existance?

i searched but i can’t find this option
may be it’s not coded yet

is raising the life time to a high number fix your problem for now ?

Sadly it does not. I thought that would at least fix the guys who are dieing. It wouldn’t do anything for the new guys being born though.

But there has to be code for “constant existance,” otherwise hair wouldn’t work.

oh i see ,
in the tab number 3 ( particle extras )
there is a button called “unborn” press it
this button with a high life time number will give u a constant existance - i hope

edit :

Instead off sitting a high life time number
press the “Died” button ( next the “unborn” button )

Excellent work, I really hope to see this in next release, I wish I was able to program and help.

Just a little complain about the interface: we have got tabs named “Particle System” “Particle Physics” “Particle Extra” “Particle Children”. This names are too long to be displayed, in the end, we’ll just see 4 “Partic…” tabs.

Since we know that it’s all about particles, we could simply have “System”, “Physics”, “Extra” and “Children” tabs!

Am I wrong?

Thanks, that worked :cool: In hindsight it was obvious enough, my “tech dyslexia” must be acting up again.