New hair system: any detailed doc?

Hi all,

I’m reading the wiki but I’m really missing more details about the new hair system on the 2.47 rel.
For example, I’m not sure if is possible or not to animate the hair growing.
Or after having edit the hair how to apply the modifies (as soon as I click on Free Edit I loose the changes).
Hope there’s something more to read about it, since it’s a bit frustrating to have an interesting tool like this and no knowledge about it.

Thanks for any help.

Ok, I think I’ve got it: the length Ipo works if the Children is being used.
Also I guess the Abs Length should be turned on.

In the wiki there’s something about the strands render. If I’m right it’s faster but it seems that rendering using strands means no shadows: am I right?

try this one

Thanks RickyBlender.
I’ll give it a look!