New hair system : have you seen this strange behaviour?

I love the new hair styling features in 2.46 and have used it already a few times for haircuts. Strangely, with this character, the styled hair I see in the viewport isn’t the same as the one rendered which looks like he just got out of bed.

Any idea on what’s happening?

Thanks, Jonathan

and set the draw all edges om - and see if that changes anything!


That doesn’t change anything, sadly.

look at

Children --> Amount , Render amount

Goro : I have no children on the image.

A new example!
He looks like he didn’t have time to comb this morning.

You may have your Render Steps (visualization tab) set too low.

Tried at 9 (max), no difference…

This is probably due to a subsurf modifier. If the render subsurf level is different than the one in the viewport (and thus the one at which you sculpted) the hair will shift.

Tatsuyame : you put your finger on it.

Lesson learned : if you want subsurf on a hairy object, make sure the subsurf is visible in editable mode when you sculpt it.