New hamster again... THis one's better

Here’s an animation i made for my new hamster model… i made it with vert loops so it’s more animation friendly

It’s just an expressions cycle

It looks pretty good so far, not a lot to comment on. Looks like pretty good modeling. The expression looks a little wooden, but I think this is because his eyes don’t really move at all. (Eyes are everything in facial animation. It’s what we focus on as we watch people/characters).

my only gripe is that the nose doesnt move, so the expressions all look as blazer said wooden

very good though!

yes, I think I’m much cuter lookin than this one!

very nice though!~ :smiley:

need to study some refrences

Great Work Nice Facial Cycle but The Eyes Don’t Move

Here’s my basic referance…a friend of mine drew it up. the whole animation is his idea he just does’t have the skills with blender to make it. i know it doesn’t look much like a hamster but it will when i’m done with it.

Thanx for the crits!! Also, I will Find some more refs to make it better. thankyou qwed88

and, gr8gamster, you’re right, but it’s not meant to be cute- the plot centers on a huge war and he will have multiple scars and be very grave… i wish i could make him cute though. maybe i will make a second version with a cuter hamster.

Here’s a building i’ve been working of for the hamsternation capital

and a hamster update… fixed the lack of movement in eyes and nose and rounded the face…oops, my server crashed! i’ll send the avi tomarrow.

ps, anyone know if there is a sepia filter for blender or do you just have to do it yourself?

Here’s another model i made after looking at some refs :wink: and gr8hamster’s gr8hamster

now the problem is finding a middleground so as to be accurate and animation friendly.

Nice modeling so far. Quick question for the Gif. What software did you use to make it?

Nice modeling so far. Quick question for the Gif. What software did you use to make it?

I used corel Photopaint. it can open both pictures and video formats and export as a gif…

The actual first render was an avi raw… using the “render current window” button(press control for animation).

Hope that helps.

where is the hamster?


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