New hardware support section (Pretty please ^.^)

There are, on average a lot of posts in the news section and off-topic section about what hardware to purchase, what issues certain cards have, what processors are better etcetera.

On some days there’s actually a crap load of posts and they don’t relate to Blender news, and they don’t seem to belong in off-topic as that, I believe is for things not relating to Blender or computers/ graphics.

So, I’m wondering if it would be possible to have a little hardware sub- section in the support area.

It could contain a sticky on current issues with Nvidia, ATI, and Intel cards, along with information on the parts of a computer, such as the CPU and what it’s tasked with when running Blender, same for RAM, GPU, HDD etcetera, a sort of basic guide on hardware, and what effects certain aspects have upon Blenders performance.

I’d be quite happy to spend some time to write a thorough guide, which I think would help about 90% of the people who are asking about buying new hardware for use with Blender, and graphics applications in general.

I’m not sure if asking to be a mod is allowed here, but if there is a need to moderate that section I’d be happy to put my name forward for it.