New Help Very Badly

So i am new to blender and have only watched about 10 hours of blender tutorials but anyway i started making the model to a image i found a sketch of and need help really bad. All tutorials i watched had a front and side view of their model but i only have the side view so the mask is only 2d so i wont be able to rig or animate it. Is there a way i can make it 3d from the 2d mask. I just started the jaw and wanted to get feed back so i knew if i would have to scrap it or not. Here is the link to what it looks like so far.

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So you’re new to Blender and you try to model that damn beast ? Damn.
And… I don’t understand your question ? Do you want to be able to display the background image from any angle ? Do you want to change the view where the background image appears ? Or do you want the sketch, which is “only” (sorry for the autor, this drawing is very nice) in two dimensions, to be automatically converted into a well-done 3d object ? Because the last case is just freaking impossible.

So, first of all, you’re a beginner, so begin your learning by modeling simple objects. And before talking about animating, finish your object. And you can start learning animating with very simple things, you know ?


This already needs some work to get animated properly and look “alive”


Model some chairs and move up. Modelling a beast like that takes a couple of months of practice. Or in my case a few years.

Ehh, that’s pretty damn hard to start out as for a beginner in blender x)

Anyways, if you want to transform that little piece of your plain to 3d you’ll have to go into the front view and guestimate what you’re trying to make. It’ll be really hard, and I don’t recommend it, but it can be done. I think that you could maybe try drawing out another sketch of the front view of the model you’re trying to make, but if you can’t draw, you’re pretty much SOL my friend.

There is this 3d program called smoothie that might help you here. You can do your 2d trace in it and it will create a 3d object from it then import that into blender and you will need to do some major editing to the mesh but it will give you a fast rough mesh to work with.

haha yea man thats to crazy to start… just do simple thing like a very simple man then it will make a lot more sense to you then doing that. make a guy out of squares and then add edge loops and scale it. that might give you an idea