New here, and to Blender.

Hey guys; I’m new here, and wasn’t sure where to post this (didn’t see a “New Members” section)…so feel free to move it to a more appropriate section if needed.

I’ve been trying to take the time to really get into Independent Game Development for a number of years now; with a start up here and there, but nothing lasting. Mostly real life and work get in the way, along with the occasional “procrastination period”. I’m a member of other Forums, mainly dealing with game dev; but also other 3D Modeling Boards. My main app of choice was/is Lightwave (9.6); but I started long ago with TrueSpace/GameSpace.

I’ve been following the industry loosely for many years now, and I’ve known about Blender from 2003 on; though never really used it. I’ve decided to bite the bullet, and take the plunge and learn it; with the intention of developing my own game art pipeline (for Unity and FPSCreator). I’m going to sign up for a membership at “CGCookie” as well; as I’ve looked that place over and it seems to have a good library of tutorials and assets to get started, both for Blender and Unity.

I look forward to talking with you all, and hopefully showing some work in the coming months. Critiques are always welcome!

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Welcome to BA!

Appreciate it, looking forward to checking everything out.

Welcome! Its a fun place!

Hi everyone, I’m also new to blender. I want to learn and it seems so difficult but after several years of thinking I’m too old to try or can’t do it, etc… I’m finally ready to take the challenge. I mainly want to learn so I can create mesh in a game that I play called secondlife. Thanks for any tips or tutorials. :slight_smile: