New here :) General hello - Upadate

Hi there everyone.
Im new to this forum and Im also new to Blender.

I have been using blender for just under 1 week now. I decided to get into 3D graphics because Im a bit bored of being a programmer :-?

EDIT: There seems to be a problem view my images here, so I have attached an html page link instead showing my graphics…
1st image: This was my first proper render after looking at the basics of texturing:

2nd image: and this is the latest image…Im still working on this one. I am adding an armoured type shell on her. It was rendered in blender and noise was added in another graphics package…

Please be nice with any comments :wink: Im incredibly new to this.

well first let me be the first to welcome you to elysiun and i cant see your pic :o

Thank you :slight_smile:

sorry about that…for some reason its not showing now…try doing a right click, show image…it should work then…
again, sorry about that :frowning:

there it go’s vary nice work better thin i do and i been messin wiht it for a year corse im not vary good with this stuff but i like it got nice curves :smiley:

eh? just under… a … week?..

woah :o when I was using Blender for a week I was probably still learning the UI

I second that. Your images look nice, especially for under a week. You are a programmer. You must have some experience with 3D right? Awesome man.

yeah, just under a week…its pretty difficult finding my way around still, but I am getting used to the basic controls :slight_smile:

I havnt really done any 3D programming, but I once played with another 3D package, but never made anything like this.

you can tell Im new to 3D because of the limited range of the woman lol :smiley:
I had an attempt at a head, but it wasnt too great…

Thanks for the encouraging comments :smiley:
Im going to carry on playing around and try and make something much better :slight_smile:

By the way, whats the best way to do clothing? Im finding it too difficult getting it to match the body.

I suppose, that this one
by Jilles Tran was your source concept for the second picture.

You need a lot of work with anatomy yet. Tran has good taste ;).

Pov-Ray with CSG or RenderMan CGI should be good solution for you as programmer.

wow…thats good! :o

I basically wanted to create a body as best I could…but Im not very experienced, so a head was a no no for me at this point…
I added the noise to try and make it look a bit better… :stuck_out_tongue:

youre right about the anatomy…Im still trying to get to grips with the editing in blender…I usually start ok and then things start going all wrong, such as black lines when rendering, where the 2 halfs arent quite matched…(is there an easy way to get around this? while modelling?)

for a week nice stuff… spouted out that old dragon in under a week too. i guess for programmers (welcome fellower) the blender UI is rather easy to pickup: shortcut-o-mania.

just keep on the work, especially texturing… the real hard nuts will come later with it ^_ ^

another programmer :slight_smile: cool.
yeah, the shortcut stuff is a dream :smiley:
Im working on another body now, but I always have trouble with breasts… :frowning:
The last model took 3 hours…and Im sure I screwed the mesh completely :smiley:
I best be more careful this time…still, its all part of the learning process :slight_smile:

WoW. if that’s what you can do within a week…what’s gonna happen after 2 months. I’m humbled. :slight_smile:
welcome to Elysiun. happy modeling :smiley:

thank you :slight_smile:
Its damn difficult though!

Been having another go at breasts…man they are hard to get right!

just stick to extrusion. works prolly well, especially at things like breats. just extrude them once or twice and then shape a bit.

Ok, I started creating a new model…this time, I tried harder to make it as realistic as possible…
The clothing looks rubbish…there is a slight fault, but its still WIP :slight_smile:

Any tips would be great…especially any editing tips for bringing out more detail.

One thing I am having trouble with, is the armpit :expressionless: Im not very good with the cutting tools…so I cant get a decent shape…(my mesh is probably very embarassing)

looks good… perhaps a bit silicon-boobies… but hey… all stars have 'em today ^_^.

otherwise editing i stick always to two things:

  • extrude (E) and either the first entry for non closed things or the second to extrude faces.
  • knife cutter (K). first select the edges that could be cut (doesn’t matter if more), then select the cut type (i prefer midpoint as this way you do not have to aim but just click-click-enter), then just select the new points and move em.

the last one is a very nice way to edit models which are already complex and where extrusion can break or be tedious. i stick to the second way for tweaking models.

aaa…Ive been using the exact cut tool, but it never seems to cut how I want it to…I guess I just need to keep practicing and work out exactly how things work.

lol yeah, the breasts arent too great…but I can always play around and try and make them look a bit more natrual :smiley:

Overall, Im quite happy with the way it looks (apart from the breasts)…there are some faults with the shape, but I can sort them out quite easily.

Although you can always use the exact knife cut, working with edgeloops is much easier. Just press ctrl+r (or perhaps its ctrl+e, i can’t recall) in edit mode and you make cuts very quickly as long as your base topology is solid. Plus, it avoids tri’s, something you want to do when working with subusrf.

And welcome to elysiun!

I agree that avoiding triangles is very helful in modelling. There are quite a few tutorials out there on solid modeling for face-loop cutting. Here is one that I know of, look at torqs post down towards the bottom of the page.

Hope this helps and great work so far!!