New here, just posting my current works

Hey all. Nice forum. A few days ago I started 3d art. Now I have gotten fairly good, in my oppinion. I still cant UV map, the tutorials dont seem to work.
blade is a sword thats a bit detailed. sword is just a plain old undetailed sword. Cloud is my attempt at cloud’s sword, from ff7. I like swords. So, how did I do for a beginer? Comments please.

It’s a good start, but for future reference you may want to post images here on the board. I think people are more likely to check them out and give comments if they can quickly look at images. People generally ask for a .blend file if they want to go more in depth.


How would I render em then? They turn out all weird with the lighting and stuffs. Also, is there anything I should improve on?

well if you dont want to render the object you can take a picture of the object in blender by pressing the print screen button.

To clarify what Artaures was saying, you need to hit print screen to take a screen capture, and then hit paste in an image editing program.

As for the swords you are on the right track. Swords are a good (and common) starting point, and I would suggest looking up random tutorials on this message board to expand your knowledge. I picked up so many styles of modelling and techniques on accident here that I couldn’t even tell you specifically what approach to take when learning blender.

After some more practice with modelling and experimenting you should go back to the original swords, take a look at them, and attempt to recreate them using whatever new approaches you have learned. Then texturing starts…


Or you could use a feature in blender called “Dump Screen.” It’s located in File -> Dump Screen.

You should consult more reference pictures for your models. Check the proportions. Specifically on the sword, check the porportions between the actual blade and the hilt.


Or at the very least do an OpenGL render by clicking on the “render this window” button on the header of the camera view, then save it by hitting f3. (Shift-click the button to OGL-render an animation.)

Also, I recommend reading thru the online manual. Its somewhat out of date, but still very useful to learn the basics of Blender, rendering included. Find it here.

Having looked at the blender files they are a good start. A bit low poly on the handles and no texture or materials as of yet. I would suggest reading up on how to do lighting and materials and then do some test renders. Also, make sure to check your normals, when I did some test renders on them I saw a few that were not correct. Keep it up and post some pics when you get a chance.

Actually, the porportions are right. I just made the sword too huge. But yeah, I’ll do some random tutorials and stuff. As for materials, is it possible to splice an object? Like make two objects out of one so I can change materials? Thanks.

Here’s a link on how to use up to 16 materials on a single mesh, that’s the max blender will let you use per mesh. [link]

You might also try beveling some of your sharp edges that aren’t ment to be the blade edge. Just gives the render a softer edge. [link]

I dont think anyone said they were not proportioned correctly, I ment that they are low in vertecies. not much detail, even with textures your handles will still be squares. perhaps try modeling in some bumps in the handle that you can then apply a fabric texture to. The metal parts should be easy enough to apply a metalic finish to.

How am I supposed to detail it more?