New here, want help

Hi there i´m martin from argentina, i use a lot of time the wintermute game engine to make adventures in 2d, but now i found this and i really want help. i want to do an adventure like monkey island or grim fandango (exelent demo of monkey5), can anyone make and step by step tutorial to make a room (i know the example of the monkey5 but i don´t undestand this new languaje, maybe some helps)

There are tutorials in the sticky…

If you have any specific questions, ask here.

ok i know what you say, i download some of these examples but i was wondering if blengine (the creator of monkey5 demo) can gide me to make something like that (i have the pics, and i know modeling)

Blengine used to browse this forum often, but now he is coming back every 2 years and updating the list.

I suggest asking somebody else.

Maybe I can help you. I’m seeing you’re from argentina, i’m spanish :stuck_out_tongue: If you need some spanish help, go to Irc channel #blenderadictos3d on .

gracias pepius!!!
mi e-mail es [email protected] asi nos comunicamos mejor

:frowning: Hey I was never able to get that demo from the list. The link was always bad. So anyone have a direct link to secret of monkey island 5 demo that I can get it from? I really wanted to see what it was all about. Thanks.

Jason Lin

m.i. demo is back up, and martin from argentina, try this and pm me if you have any troubles.

thanks blengine!!

:o Hmm, I didn’t get around to playing it, but I looked at the CELL. Wow, that’s awesome. %| Still can’t believe that it looks 3D. Even though it’s only good for a particular camera angle, I still can’t believe a flat plane could become an interactive 3D environment.

Jason Lin