New here.

Hi, all. I’ve been lurking here a few weeks after downloading Blender. Though I’m new to Blender I first got into 3DCG back in the early '90s with apps like Truespace, Ray Dream, & Bryce. (Anyone remember Vistapro?) By the late '90s I was mainly modelling in Rhino. Then I largely fell out of the hobby for a few years.

I always wanted to try my hand at character animation, but none of the apps I owned had suitable tools for it. I did a little bit of FK work in Truespace but it was pretty difficult. I often considered buying Hash’s Animation Master, but the lack of import was a turn-off.

So now I’ve got Blender. It’s great that such a powerful app is offered for free. I’m still getting used to the interface and such, and I’ve already started on some walk cycles. Kudos to Sketchy for offering Ludwig to the community. I’ve already modified him into an AT-ST Imperial walker, and plan on doing a T-Rex and 4-legged armature based on Ludwig.

I’ve got the Blender Guide and plan on getting the Character Animation book when it comes out next month. But I’m sure I’ll be posting plenty of questions in the various fora.

Steve S.

Welcome! Make sure you take a look at Introduction to Character Animation, if you haven’t already.