New Here

Hi Everyone.

I’m not good with introductions so i’ll make it short.

I’m 20 and from SouthAfrica,i have been using blender for 7 months now but i got Frustrated with it because i didn’t have the internet to learn anything about it,(found it on a technology utility DVD) but now i have one of the fastest internet connections in SA and i’m ready to learn all i can from the great people here at the BlenderArtist Community forum.

I’m hoping i can learn a lot from you guys.

P.S Here is some of my work :wink:


Welcome to BlenderArtists!

some pretty nice stuff, I like that last one most, reminds me of the small Imperial Walkers in Star Wars…the AT-ST model.

May the Blending Force be with you :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome.

i like the first one

Welcome to BlenderArtists! I like your work so far!

Good start, welcome! YAY!

Hey, welcome to blender artists, if you have a question, there is someone on this forum who can help you, we are one of the most helpful comunitys out there, so if you have modeling questions, theres a forum for that, interested in the game engine? There are five for that, so just look around, any question that pops into your head, post it right then, someone will help you, even if you have to bump a thread a couple of times. :wink:

Welcome aboard!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.