New here!

Hello All,
While I’m not new to 3D (Long time LW User (Longer Story there)) I have recently started using Blender. (Less than a week ago. And I am still figuring things out. But anyhows I figured I would drop my first render/WIP here.
Granted it’s just a wooden pallet on some sand, but I have plans to advance the scene more.

Looking good man! You can try and expand the sand (we can see it ends in the upper right corner) and maybe do a bump map for the wood to see it more detailed, and if it’s old you can damage a bit some parts, but it’s looking very promising! Happy blender! And welcome!

Looks really good! The wood texture is very nice!

I just have to comment though that the pallet looks like its hovering over the sand.

EDIT: Oh yeah… Welcome to Blender! :slight_smile:

Yeah, It still in the early Stages. The Sand won’t be staying just wanted a quick texture to have the pallets setting on something. LOL I was having a clipping problem in the area but Ive got that fixed as well :smiley: Thanks for the feed back

It’s a good start. Worn wood is rarely that pristine though. You might try randomizing the corners a little bit and making the wood less straight by putting in a few kinks, bends, and splits.

yeah, I am already working on beating them up. :slight_smile: