New Heroine, for a game .

Belle Montfort, Explorer . .

Concept art, from my new iPad Air, with pencil . .


I tried to make a cooler, more epic, nice Tomb raider, for a game, I’m making . . <3

Just as an FYI, you don’t need to make a new post for each one of these. Update the existing posts you have scattered across the WIP section :slight_smile:

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Okay, I have trouble finding them, that’s all . .

You can find all of your posts from your profile page.

Heres a shortcut to every topic you’ve posted.

Y’all gonna give her pants? seems pretty cold.

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they are pants, they’re climbing shorts, and, for exploring caves . . More like spandex, over her normal under-wear . . Gonna beat Tomb Raider in the TNA department, For sure - - And, add butt and, boobs physics . . <3

for added flexibility, on the mountains, or in caves, sort of . . <3

and, to beat Tomb Raider, in the sexy butt department Ha ha $

she’s going to save the world, wearing that, you see - - Real goddess And, woman . . .

Hey i like your work man!

Thanks, progress . .

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