New High resolution sky pack for Blender

Hi folks,

I thought it was time to give something back to the community again, so I’ve released a new high resolution texture pack for Blender 3d…there are 19 textures in all, ranging from 10k in size to 16k. These are much higher resolution than any textures I’ve released before, and should be suitable for full HD rendering.

You can either download the entire pack, which is here:

Or download the textures individually (Thanks Olson):

If you’ve no idea how to set them up in Blender, I made a little demonstration video:

Released under an ‘I don’t give an damn’ license. Meaning you can use them for anything you want, including commercial work. The only thing I ask is that you don’t sell them.That’s it.

Have fun, and make great art!

Nice Sky pack, you could always upload them to Wink.wink

Thanks a heap. That´s good stuff… maybe you want to contact as well to host them.

However, I might be wrong, but Blender does not support spherical maps? Only angular maps?

It does support spherical (equirectangular) maps, but only for the top half. It is the “sphere” option in world texture mapping menu if I’m not wrong.

EDIT: And oh yes, great skymaps!

Jeez, you do not sound well. Nice mug of Lemsip. Go to bed.

You are more than free to do so if you like. If you feel so inclined, I’d appreciate you mentioning my name…but again, you don’t have to if you don’t feel like it.

As god of big things mentioned, Blender only supports the top half of equirectangular images. Actually, that’s only half true…blender does support full equirectangular images, but only when applied to material textures. For some reason, nobody has added that functionality to the world textures yet, which is slightly annoying.

Anyway, these were specifically designed for use in Blender, so they work correctly. If needed, consult the video.

You have no idea how many times I had to re-record that video just to sound that crappy. My other attempts were much worse. :eyebrowlift:

0ptikz, thank you very much for those wonderful sky images. You are very generous.

Thank you very much.

Very much appreciated. Just another feather in the blender community cap.

Thanks alot

How were these made?

thanks man :slight_smile:

Thanks, very usefull

Awesome - I was waiting for something like this. Thanks once more from me.

I assume you mean the CG skies as opposed to the photographs? If so, I used vue infinite to render them out. It has a built in option to render out full panoramas, which to be honest is useless, because it isn’t multi-threaded. So what I ended up doing is rendering out six 90°x90° cube faces, then stitching them into a single panorama with a program called respam beta.

If you want Respam, let me know because it can be tricky to find with google (because it has spam in the name)

Speaking of panorama software: Hugin is also very nice.

That would be nice. I hunted down your old skymap thread sometime back where you mentioned respam for the cubic to equirectangular conversion. I searched google but as you said, couldn’t find it.

thanks for your pack

thank you :slight_smile:

Optikz thank you !!
Arexma …you can always convert them to angular with hdrshop