New home for my video tutorials


Just letting everyone know that I’ve now got some dedicated hosting for my site, but more importantly for my video tutorials.
Now that I’ve got a place to keep them I’ll be putting together a few more, which along side the two current ones, modeling the female face and modeling the human ear, will all be able to be found at:

If anyone has a request for a specific tutorial they’d like just let me know :slight_smile:

I get a forbidden message when I try to navigate via the link you provided. However, if I just go via your domain name I can get to the tutorials that way.

If I were to suggest content I would say a complete set of tutorials on the humanoid form would be magnificent.


Sorry about that, I’ve fixed the above link.
For the whole humanoid form my plan is still to produce a whole dvd set.

mind us plasing your tutorials in our repository?

Not at all, I’d be honored :slight_smile: