New House

My wife and I were recently able to purchase a house and since I work in interior visualization as a job,
I figured I could put my skills to use on a personal project
I decided to build some of the key spaces of our house, and the accompanying furniture, so that we could play with different room arrangements and paint colors.

I decided I would go the rest of the way and light the scenes. as well as add some extra props and trinkets, in order to create some portfolio pieces.

So here are some pieces from the first room, “The Sitting Room”. I will also upload renderings of the other rooms once I have them finished.

These were done in eevee. Critiques welcome!


Here is the second batch! The kitchen and dining area this time.
Again, critiques welcome! One thing I am trying to get a handle on is preventing light leaks with the irradiance volumes. Still trying to figure out how to use those effectively.


Great work, congrats.

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Last set! The living room this time.