New House

I’m in the process of buying my first home. It’s not especially fancy, but… well, it will soon be mine. I’m making this because I plan on making some adjustments… The first will be new siding. As you can see, the house is currently a light shade of pink/purple with brown trim. This is one of the first things I plan on changing. I also plan on modeling the inside to test paint and carpet ideas…Anyway, here it is.

PS: The roof is incomplete and my next modeling “project”

Wow. This is exactly the sort of foolishness that got me started in Blender to begin with. I had my house modeled in AutoCAD, but rendered pictures weren’t enough and I wanted an animation to see how a new floor plan would flow. Hello Blender!
Anyways, you’ve got a good start. If Google has decent coverage in your area you might get a capture of an overhead view and use it for a ground reference… handy if you have yard and plan on landscaping or just to see how your creation fits in with the rest of the neighborhood. If you’re feeling really motivated you might even import that to Google Sketchup and upload it to the Google Earth model warehouse. Do I sound like an ad for Google yet?
Did you bother with scale or is it all estimated? Better get some gutters before that foundation rots out :wink:
Good luck with it.

Think I like this… had to come up with some sort of deck and make decisions on siding color etc… The railings on the deck are a little out of proportion, so I’ll fix that a little later. For now, here we are.