New icons for Blender 2.8

(bud) #131

shader editor look like jellyfish icon

(JustinBarrett) #132

I actually prefer very colorful icons…and am far less concerned what ‘everyone else’ is doing…

the debate is purely what you like more…not of colors are more quickly recognized vs monochrome…because it is a plain fact that they ARE faster…

so, it is all a matter of preference. I prefer color…but not like the single color for all modifiers…they require different colors…and also not the C4D style…all I see is green, orange, white and black…

anyway…said my peace.

(Renzatic) #133

That’s what makes it so awesome! The world needs more stylized jellyfish icons!

(SterlingRoth) #134

There is a saturation slider for icons already, Shouldn’t that cover most users needs?

(Indy_logic) #135

Indeed. I think Pablo even mentioned in a video that the main reason the icons are being made monochromatic is so they can be colored/themed by the user. Hopefully, this will include having colors for different categories of tools and functions.

(jendrzych) #136

“They” are working on new Tools icons.

I find them nice and for that very reason I think that some of icons form my set need slight redesign, to match different axonometry type - 45 deg oblique instead so far used dimetric view. For the sake of consistency.
Sth like that:

(jpthrash) #137

…and when I thought this couldn’t get any better.

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(TheRedWaxPolice) #138

Why not match the style?

(jendrzych) #139

With fills all will become 16x16 pix blotches. Going linear is a must. Maybe - if I ever finish UI icons - in the future, I’ll play with Tools? Ho knows.
Tools icons are fine, but I’d use lines instead white filled polygons. This way, main part of a pictogram (the most informative part) would become more clean cut.
Would love to get in touch with the designer - already made a call on

(TheRedWaxPolice) #140

The issue is that the 2 styles are way too different to live in the same application… :thinking:

And yes, those 16x16 would benefit from an increase in size… They are too small now… :frowning:

(jendrzych) #141

Standard practice is to design the smallest icons first and interpolate the style to bigger pictograms tpo maintain consistency. Those tiny bits have hell of limitations, thus gettin’ in touch with Tools icons designer is so important.

(fiendish55) #142

I like this first row style a lot, somehow when you scan through them fast with your eyes, they are easier to understand and recognize. Maybe that angle is adding unnecessary complex to the icons at the bottom, don’t know.

(ajarosz) #143

I prefer bottom more and I find them more pleasant. :slight_smile:

(JustinBarrett) #144
  1. disagree with the styles not being able to share…

  2. they would benefit from going to 32x size, but would lose some of their charm…I could live with it either way.

(TheRedWaxPolice) #145

Personal tastes here… :slight_smile:
I’m not a fan of this type of icons, it might work for mobile apps and other things, but not for a creative software like blender… I like the style of the icons in the toolbar, and I think the rest of the app should follow the same style…
But hey, that’s just my opinion, people are different… :wink:

Edit: I don’t even know how this icons plays with the various themes…

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(JustinBarrett) #146

I like the toolbar icons as well…tbh I prefer the more saturated origional ones they had…they are far more representative of the tools themselves…

e.g. weightpaint RGB blend with the initial saturated icons seemed to me to match perfectly…

but you are correct…matter of opinion.

(TheRedWaxPolice) #147

Agreed. Not sure why they got rid of it… :frowning:

(• I don't speak English "by default", so... ) #148

Yes please, at least 24px. They are too, too small. And I don’t understand why people don’t complain about it.

(cekuhnen) #149

taking about all this icon stuff made me think about the first render man clone engine and animation tool I learned nurbs modeling with called Pixels:3D.

The UI OMG and the app did not even have a shaded preview just wireframe or rendering hahaha


(TheRedWaxPolice) #150

That’s why I’m afraid to see this icon style inside Blender… Looks dated… I hope the icon designer can see it soon enough and change the direction of this…

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