New icons for Blender 2.8

Why not now, with the horizontal tabs?
I mean, I might be in minority here, but I will always prefer to use horizontal tabs than vertical.

Hope an option to toggle horizontal tabs will still be avalible.

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Because now they don’t use tabs. They use a radio button arrangement (enum). The radio buttons in Blender have a certain width and height.

Even if we could change that, this would make the horizontal arrangement even worse, because it will then push even more of the icons off screen.

The solution is to use tabs and a vertical arrangement.

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Hey Leonard!

Since those icons are in a grid of 14x14, they would need to have 3 pixels of margin all around to not have any part obscured when set inside a circle like that. Four pixels are needed if you want them to have the minimum amount of padding at the corners, therefore they would need to be in a 22x22 pixel box.



Okay, if increase the size of the radio buttons is not a option, then it’s fine. But with the new tabbed system I can’t see why we can’t have an option for horizontal tabs too. :thinking:

A 22x22 pixel space per icon is what I was begging for from the very beginning.


Someone already asked for it

And yes, please. :v:


That’s ridiculous, all the buttons would be needlessly huge.

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Maybe we can, maybe we can’t. In theory there could always be an option to make anything do anything, but at a certain point you have to draw a line and make a decision. If the header will include the search bar instead, then there’s not a good way to make that work otherwise.

Besides, there just isn’t space for all the icons in a normal configuration of the Properties Editor when they are displayed horizontally, so it just doesn’t work in an acceptable way.


Mh … William has a point.

Atm, the horizontal desing is very compact, imo by purpose. It safes horizontal space.

But UI also push icons close together, up to a point that the icons are more difficult to recognize.

I like much icons simplicity, decisiveness and cleanness. But, if icons are forced together, erasing negative space (as cgslav said), the UI itself counters what the icons are good at.

The problem does not relate to the icons, but how UI embeds the icons.


The icons changed, the UI size didn’t.

Negative space wasn’t an issue before.

How is that not the fault of the icons.

Ha! The most funny thing is that new icons are smaller than the old ones - 16x16 pix vs. 14x14 pix.
Lack of the outlines allows for more effective use of available space. Moreover they have constant luminosity, while old varied in this field. Icons seem to fill the button more, while they do not.

The old properties icons vary between 14-16. typically the outline skirts just over to 15px
Looks to me like most of the old ones try and stay to 14px, but some of the aliasing or outline makes a few 15.

Some of the new icons do skirt over to 15px just as the old ones do.

Even if the new ones were, on average, smaller, all you’re saying is that the new smaller icons are having more negative space issues than the old larger icons, even though they squeeze into the same available space (the buttons they sit inside are no larger or smaller)…

Huh … you already answered (while writing myself)

am sloooooooooow :snail:

Padding corner would also make a difference, if icons are stacked in a row (like properties icons row)!

Odd discussion.

Yes, in 2.8 there is an option to change the “Roundness” of the buttons until they are absolutely circles. At that point they will cut off the corners of the icons unless you add an extra pixel or so to the padding. Oh the humanity!

If you were able to do the same thing in 7.9 you would find that the exact same thing happens, only slightly worse…

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Negative, sir! All new icons, with exception for camera and render layers, are strictly 14x14. The two crosses the border of the very matrix with max. two pixels, if I remember correctly. Both of them can be redrawn to fit 14x14 with no effort (I bet I have such versions already somewhere in archives).

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Yes, vertical alignment is a little off on some of the items in the version I am looking at - a couple of days old.

to me, generally, this is the most uncomfortable part of the new set

  1. a camera for render settings without a single button in the whole tab to render :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. a gallery of passes? yeah baby
  3. confusing, are those elements for the gallery/passes, the scene or environment
  4. a stop watch? … a timer? no it’s a world, duh

Are you talking specifically about the properties tabs icons? There there is only 2 I see that breach 14px.

The old properties tabs average out to 15px, there’s a couple at 16, couple at 14.

My point about ‘smaller’ icons needing more negative space than larger ones still stands.

The alignment of icons in the GUIis not the icon set fault.

All icons in general. 14x14 pixels matrix. I’m talking about the latest release of the set - the *.svg is in the first post.