New icons for Blender 2.8

Okay. So it’s either alive (At least one user, including Fake) or dead (No users, fake included)

I’m really sorry I don’t have a copy of Blender in front of me (At work!) - Do the icons display in the select lists (When you are selecting for instance, a material)

Just confirming that there’s no distinction between “Linked to Fake User” and “Linked to real user”

Agree - It’s complex. Happy to let it go, but as I said above, you might want to invert your sticky notes as most ones that I have ever used have been stuck along the top and peeled off upwards!

Now it looks like this:

  1. no Fake user but two real users assigned:

  2. two ordinary users and the Fake user assigned:


Thanks for the screen shots.
Yeah - Ouch in terms of making it clear!
If only the number only showed real users it would be easier to follow (But I get that’s out of scope).
Happy to bow to whatever you think on this one (Although - you know… turn the sticky notes upside down !!!)

Also: Don’t be discouraged - You are doing great work!

An icon for the new tab - the Render output:


Do we know yet which panels will be moved here?

That section of that video takes a rather narrow view. Lord forbid anyone has to learn a new complicated concept or system in a complicated 3d package handling large amounts of overlapping data systems…

And yes, frankly the icons already represent what they do. It’s not their job to teach a user how the datablock system works, nor could they really be equipped to handle such a task. The onus is on the user to bother learning that.

I personally find the datablock system easy to understand. You learn how it works very quickly while learning blender, then you know anywhere a name box with a dropdown on the left, and maybe 3-4 buttons on the right appears, that it works the same way. It’s very consistent. The very ui element itself comes to mean ‘global file data list’.

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Kind of an aside here, only tangentially related to the topic at hand, but after three months of using 2.8 exclusively, I jumped back into 2.79 to do something that doesn’t work in the alphas yet, and…

…I was amazed at just how janky old Blender feels now. You don’t realize how much you miss those cardboard boxes until you don’t have them anymore.

Most people seem to learn how it works only after accidental data-loss. I see no benefit in making it a hassle to set up materials or save your work. The whole purpose of software is to simplify complex tasks so you can get more done in less time.

That’s only an issue with defaults, not icons, and not the system.

the early versions used to work very well in my opinion, visible enough but not too distracting …the text is the big issue here maybe a backdrop that is controlled by an inverted color.

Customize tabs by clicking :large_blue_diamond: button to expand tab bar. (Click again to collapse tab bar).

Click the customize button ••• to bring up the popover…

Check the boxes for each tab you’d like to have in the tab bar. Also option to choose orientation of tab bar…

Could apply to properties panel and even make all windows and editors as tabs. Addons could be created as their own tabs too. User could customize their workspaces and windows with whatever tabs they want in whichever windows/panels they want.

Tabs can be hidden or revealed with :large_blue_diamond: button as desired.


All our alternative themes need to be updated or removed. They don’t have correct, readable icon colors in places like the Outliner.

@William there is currently a problem with some icons that have on/off states, their colour is mapped in the regular section of the theme and this works as intended for those that are inside a button, like these ones:

But it creates problems where the icons are used without buttons, like here:

In ‘Thumbnail’ display mode Blender still shows old icons -

No new icons were made for these. @jendrzych, will you add these?

If you theme icons to be black against a dark background, they will be hard to read, just like if you make text dark.

The problem is that you basically can’t have a different colour for selected text in the regular section, otherwise that happens, since the on/off state of the icon is also mapped to the plain/selected text colour of the theme.

I’ll try to explain this better: “Regular themed” icons are used for both dynamic and static backgrounds currently (related to the selected state), so you’re forced to only use the colour for which they look good in the static cases (like the outliner), in my case that would be white, making it impossible to have a bright highlight for the ones inside a button.

I really don’t like the Safe icon because of its unnecessary visual aggressiveness. The symbol itself is very good, but its form and impact is too possessive. In addition, there is no visual consequence in the form of icons associated with data blocks. For this reason, I have designed a different set of pictograms that use a coherent language of symbols describing the attaching and detaching of data blocks.
I made some mockups of proposed changes (the redesigned F-User icons, Unlink data, Add New and Remove Scene and View Layer, new Render Output tab, Add / Substract brush effect).
You’ll find more detailed description in the post I replied to.

Current state




  1. No F-User assigned (and other icons mentioned above):

  2. The F-User assigned (and other icons mentioned above):

  3. Add / Substract brush effects - individual icons in place of the “plus” and “minus” pictograms:


Personally, even knowing what the buttons are, I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out those data-block symbols. All I’m getting from them is there’s lots of paper half folded over.

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