New icons for Blender 2.8

Isolate in outliner
isolate selection in outline can help a lot to manage scene

isolate icon like this

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After using blender for a few minutes in the last few days, I think this hollow cube would look better than the filled one. :slight_smile:

Oh my god, do I see a FIFTH restriction column in the outliner ?


After some weeks of work - I start getting used to your new icons.
Just wanted to share this with you.

Overall students really like the new Blender UI incl. the icons.


I know what you mean. I think there must be a better way to represent the various states than using up so much horizontal space in the outliner. Having said that, I don’t know a better way to show the states at glance and allow toggling easily. Might be nice to have an option to collapse the icons into a context menu and show that something is invisible or disabled with shading on the text if the user has this enabled.

I really don’t think an isolate icon is needed for the outliner, but it might be worth having an isolate button on the viewport controls panel that works on the selection.

What is the monitor icon for?

That’s right, it’s still a very obvious and direct way to set those things, you don’t want to have them hidden someplace. Someone suggested earlier those columns could be made into a region, ie make them collapsable. I like the idea ! …maybe not very discoverable ?
The thing with altering the text rendering is there’s already a special highlighting feature in the works, that makes object data hightlighted in red, etc. and superimposing another level of visual codification onto this sounds like a recipe for complexity. Kind of like the latest dopesheet feature…

To answer your question, the eye icon is for viewport visibility. The monitor icon is actually for the actual visibility that is brought along when you link an object into another scene. The eye icon is just a sort of override for the object visibility for this specific viewlayer, for working with it. It’s not going to affect the actual object visibility if you link it.

previous paragraph edited because I had eye and monitor mixed up

My take on this is it’s a very ambiguous nuance, and it should probably be unified into a single property, and it should be made override-able. That’s how I would show something that’s set to hidden : I’d override its visibility property.


The eye and the monitor are a bit confusing, and for me the added feature is not so useful to justify the clutter and ambiguousness.
A solution for having less visual chaos would be to have icons only when something is disabled: so no icons means that an object/collection is visible, selectable, renderable. If you see a X marked camera it means that object is tagged to be not renderable, and so on.
how would you set visibility? Right click, or click on a tiny downward arrow at the far right of the row

edit: quick and dirt mockup

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Still dont understand why we need two icons for viewport.

Do we need two if isolate mode is back.


Makes it hard to know where to click for a specific toggle if there are no guides or something similar.

If you’re interested I just tried my hand at answering that, two posts above.

@lsscpp not a bad idea, but we’d lose the possibility to click-drag over a bunch of objects to batch-toggle these properties. Although I imagine outliner selection could be used for batch-toggling as well.

It would also be 2 clicks to hide, that is something I myself would hate :wink:

That would be cool for lights as in the Gaffer addon, to quickly ‘solo’ a light source. For objects I don’t feel the need. Maybe in the viewport make more visible that we are in restricted view. More than in 2.7x where it only tells with text

Wait, so now the Eye icon is the visibility that is shared between scenes, and the Monitor icon is an override for the current scene? Wasn’t it the opposite when they implemented this? (Eye was for local visibility, and Monitor for linked visibility… which meant that the Eye had kinda the same behavior from previous versions)

I might have swapped the two. But I think that was it : monitor for ‘local’ visibility.

Much better than current. The one is now has always seemed to me very childish…

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I do not rest on my laurels. I constantly look for inconsistency in style and unnecessary details, which I smooth and reduce to the necessary minimum.
One of the spaces in which not all icons satisfy me is the Editors Menu.

The overall design suffers from a lack of contrast and too similar silhouettes. Everything is homogenous and bland.
Some of the icons need to be adjusted, a few - redesigned.
My propositions:
EDITORS_1%20-%201 EDITORS_2%20-%201 EDITORS_3%20-%201 EDITORS_4%20-%201


I actually like them as the currently are in 2.8
While mostly the same, I think some of your propositions are a bit too minimal (Video Sequencer, Python Console, Properties)

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I took a time to elaborate my thoughts about the Outline icons. I believe that to go on a hidden icons approach, the inactive icons would be better to be dashed, as already said in this thread.

I explained the reasons on my RightClickSelect proposal, and I also created an interactive html/css page on Codepen, so you can try it yourself and see what works best:



Yep, that’s the only logical evolution of my idea: it keeps the outliner cleaner and it also manages to keep the single click behaviour. I love it!

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