New icons for Blender 2.8


Maybe there could be an option in the theme setting old icons or new ones.

Everyone should be happy.

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It’s not that simple. The old icon set was not sufficient for 2.8 Everyone is free to take the old icon set and make it fully 2.8 compatible but noone has stepped forward because its an insane amount of work. Making monochrome icons alone, is already an insane amount of work. To call someone lazy while they are making a full 2.8 icon set, regardless of them being monochrome or color is absurd.

Its really easy to criticize this change but, as with most things, there are reasons for this choice. People may not like monochrome icons but it was not an arbitrary choice.

Everyone is free to extend the old icon set so it becomes fully 2.8 compliant. Do you know why noone does it? Because it is an enormous task, clashes with theme options and will be really hard to maintain and extend.

You are free to give it a shot though, as is everyone, including Modanung.

This does not mean I am not critical of the new icons or do not shed a tear for our beloved pixel art icons of 2.79 but the way forward comes with changes. Lets make the best of them.

(jendrzych) #2617

Yep - I totally agree, but mind, that someone has to design new icons that are not present in the colourful set (more then a hundred items) and reorganize whole icon sheet.


Why you already designed colored and mono icons the rest is phyton i guess.

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It’s like you did not even read jendrzych’s reply. More than a hundred new icons will have to be created. Its not a question of just implementing the option for it and be done with it. If it was that simple it would already be in 2.8

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In a community of artists why does this have to be one person? Is there a bounty to be won? Couldn’t we just have a GitLab repository for each set of icons where people could send in pull requests until we’re happy?
Because indeed creating all icons is a big task and contributing to Blender’s codebase directly introduces serious hurdles.

(jendrzych) #2621

I highly recommend You reading the whole thread from the very beginning - You’ll find answers to all your questions.


Why we only have a few new buttons.

Bad quality scaleded the mono icons too much, they look eaven better in real.

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Compare the sheets, not screenshots. I know what I’m saying.

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I dont doubt that sorry thanks.

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I vote right side!
please go back to the color icons :pray:
My eyes will thank you

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Awesome man. Don’t take jendrzych’s word for it, go for it. Its just a few missing icons right? As you implied before, with the base for the colored icons from 2.79 already being there it can’t be that hard right. /s

I look forward to your colored icon sheet for 2.8. :+1:

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jendrzych started this thread with his proposal of new complete icon set for 2.8, working for free in their spare time. He did not impose the use of icons for Blender 2.8. Blender staff is the one who took the icons.
I do not understand what you pretend with your rant in this thread. Do you really think that jendrzych will start designing new colored icons for you just because you are furious?
In any case you go to Blender’s official forum (Blender Devtalk) where Blender staff lives, and they are the decision makers.

(魔大农) #2632

@YAFU Are you ignoring the fact that a quarter of the people that cast their vote in recent hours like the old icons better? I’m merely vocal and my opinion is very negative.

(English is not my native language) #2633

Are you ignoring what I have written?

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“[…] by their deeds you shall know them […]”


Donate something maybe someone would create a specific icon sheet for you.

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