New icons for Blender 2.8


(jendrzych) #2388

Some variations of the World icon. The goal is to make a bigger difference between this icon and the Material pictogram.The first one on the top was just slightly altered, by moving land masses to the left. The other shrunk a bit and got sun/moon.


(kirloi) #2389

Did you consider mixing with your previous icon like so:
icons icons

Edit: second one of course doesnt really work in real size…

(jendrzych) #2390

I didn’t, but the first one looks promising!


(Frederick D) #2391

This really feels like the way to go.

Why stop at two layers?

Another layer could be the outline.

(Frederick D) #2392

Please if you patch, would it be possible to add support for 16 / 24 / 32 / 48 px icons.

I guess the header height would then need to be customisable too, independent of interface scaling.

(Frederick D) #2393

I Like your first one, or kirloi’s first one.

(Frederick D) #2394

Would be nice if we had choice and could set header height, horizontal/vertical and load custom icons sets with 16 - 48 px

(Harley) #2395

IMHO the problem is not that the World icon looks too much like Material icon, but that the Material icon looks too much like World icon. World icon looks fine. Material icon instead looks to me like someone tilting his head while wearing a superhero mask.

The argument for using a (reworked) “shader ball” icon for Materials has been getting a bit stronger over the last week.


(Frederick D) #2396

It does sound like something to tackle for 2.8 though, also to open it up more for addon developers

(Hadriscus) #2397

I’ve been using 2.8 more and more recently and I really felt first-hand the confusion about monochrome icons. I find myself spending a lot of time scanning the icon row in the properties editor, trying to find what I need.

(Frederick D) #2398

I see it like the easel and the View Layer icon being like the picture on the easel.

(Frederick D) #2399

Can we also have an icon / preview type more appropriate for grease pencil strokes there ?

(Frederick D) #2400

if you make it wide enough it could have the scrollbar on top.

would this light grey part be drawn in the header or better ‘side’ area ?

(Frederick D) #2401

That would be another reason to add svg layer for outline, that can be made transparent/colored in theme.

(Frederick D) #2402

That works great.

It is the axis, and it is more flat style, the former axis made the icon too 3d.

This somehow manages to be both 3d and 2d :slight_smile:

Though you look at the axis from a strange point, with x pointing left ( confusing winding order)

Maybe something with the axis on a grid ?

I like the origin being in the middle.

(BTolputt) #2403

Sorry mate, I’m currently sticking to the existing two sizes (16x16 and 32x32) as I am trying to avoid touching as much of the code as possible. I want a clean, concise patch that addresses my problem accepted first (i.e. allow for custom icon sheets so I can get non-monochrome 2.8). Perhaps after that, I can look into it, but I’ll be upfront and say I doubt it’ll move me. As it is, life has gotten in the way of me getting my ass into gear on this patch.

(EdgeMaster) #2404

I thought that top preview icon was a crystal ball.

(Rangiz) #2405

Why no one is hearing users which don’t like monochromatic icons? Is that hard to make 2 sets of it? Or even better to have 2 options between old ones, and new monochromatic?

I like the monochromatic, nice design, nice looking, but this isn’t an exhibition in the art gallery. The truth is they are unreadable. Normally I was just clicking the option and voila. Now I need to STARE at it.
I’m using Blender for about 10 years now, and I really don’t like to use it with monochromatic icons, I’m working on it, not playing around to waste time, to search for an option because everything looks the same.

Blender should be a tool to work with, not an eye-candy in the first place.

(jendrzych) #2406

Is that hard to make 2 sets of it? Or even better to have 2 options between old ones, and new monochromatic?

Generally it’s not a problem at all. Just a matter of time/money resources. Some details here:

(ChinoDefton) #2408

I must be one of the few who actually love the new icons. The concept and designs are brilliant. Sure they are different than before but the more I’ve interacted with them the more comfortable I become with the change. Blender 2.8 looks amazing and the new icons are a big reason for that. I suspect with a little bit of time and adjustment most people won’t want to go back to the old designs. I know I don’t.