New icons for Blender 2.8


(stargeizer) #2932

I’ts not universal, but probably passable.

(jendrzych) #2933

It’s not clear what You’re reffering to.

(jendrzych) #2934

A tad too busy. I’d get rid of the bent corner - see my post above Yours.

(Harley) #2935

Slightly more evocative of a floppy when the notch is at the top-right, only because it is most often depicted that way.

(jendrzych) #2936

The point is that our icon refers mainly to the file icon, that shares the shape with a floppy.

(Harley) #2937

For sure. Just taking a look. I still prefer the floppy.

(The Cavelap) #2938

Ah i didn’t see it we’ve post quite at the same time. I agree Yours is less busy. But i don’t know if you have the same feeling as me. When making the mockup i was thinking that pointing the arrow directly down has let me think it more as a download button than a save button. That was why in my previous suggestion the arrow was pointing not directly down but oblique.

(SynaGl0w) #2939

Looks like a downloaded file.

(stargeizer) #2940

@jendrzych The save icon.

@SynaGl0w, yup the same thinking goes here. Is not clear at all, but the thing is they are looking for a save icon that doesn’t resemble any kind of computer hardware (if i go dense, i could say a paper was hardware in its time), and gives the hint of the operation.

So probably they will go with anything that universally means “Download”, because is the more closer to “save as” without involving computer hardware. Will probably confuse people, but this is Blender so…

IMHO, the faster @BTolputt finish to code his custom icon loader, the better. (no offense to @jendrzych in any case)

(Xury Greer) #2941


(Harley) #2942

For me, personally, I love that most of the icons are clear, distinct, artful, beautiful, and interesting.

But for a very few of the most important ones I prefer that they be as recognizable as possible. I want someone to be able to load Blender in a language that they don’t understand and instantly recognize how to create a new file, load, save, exit, copy, paste, undo, and redo.

(-HENDRIX-) #2943

This looks very nice and I would so recommend pushing this if you were designing icons for a big player like Microsoft or Apple. It could become a new standard. But as you are designing icons for niche software here, just stick to the conventional icon. It makes life easier for everyone.

(The Cavelap) #2944

If you flip it and rotate it, i think it works well IMHO. Without the arrow pointing directly down, I dont have anymore the impression of a download icon but a save icon.


(jendrzych) #2945

Funny - I just made the same mod:

(jendrzych) #2946

This one looks even better:

(The Cavelap) #2947

Oh yes, it works very well. Thanks Jendrzych to always pushing the design higher and better in this hard quest .


(zaha) #2948

The icon with the arrow pointing to the right could be a nice “Open” icon instead of simply a directory. So it’s a bit like Import/Export.

Btw, coming to think of it having some semblance of a file in the Import/Export icon would be nice. When I first saw just the arrows I found them to be confusing. In my mind, importing/exporting is related to file formats. I think I have seen the same suggestion here before but AFAIK it went unanswered. I really liked the idea.

(jendrzych) #2949

Check the first post for the latest version of Import/Export icons.

(stargeizer) #2950

Yup, that icon is universally used to indicate “import”. i know is hard in a space of 14x14 (having using the AutoCAD icon designer), but replacing the arrow with a pencil probably will work better.

Still more passable than the other.

(tyrant monkey) #2951

The save icon in Mari kind of looks like this but the mirror version. Personally I don’t have a bone in this fight and I don’t really care whether you go for something like this or the floppy anything that moves away from the check mark would be good.