New icons for Blender 2.8


(moony) #2952

But if you google image search for “import icon”, loads of icons come up that look very similar to this.

Are we risking confusing matters by trying to use an icon that is too similar to ones already in use elsewhere.

I haven’t really seen the floppy disk icon used for anything other than to indicate save…it’s ubiquitous amongst windows programs as well as programs on other platforms.

Why reinvent the wheel just for the sake of it.

(jendrzych) #2953

Why? Just because we can.

(moony) #2954

Which is often the worst reason to change something.

(apoclypse) #2955

Why not? Personally I like the arrow gong down better but I’m not really all that attached to a floppy icon.

(Hadriscus) #2956

The paper sheet with an arrow looks a lot like an import/export icon. Even though those are different, that’s what the convey to me.

(moony) #2957

It looks almost exactly like some of the import icons I found by doing a google image search - e.g. these are three of the first five returned by searching “import icon”.

image image image

(moony) #2958

“Why not” isn’t a reason.

It’s not about attachment to the floppy icon. The icon is ubiquitous, by not using it, effort is being expended that could be better spent elsewhere and we risk making Blender less user friendly, or appear so to new users - especially when the icon that is chosen could be confused with icons already employed for other purposes.

It’s just one more thing people need to learn but which brings absolutely no benefit whatsoever.

When making a change - we really should be asking questions like:

  1. Is there something wrong with the ubiquitous icon, is it unclear or do people not understand it.
  2. Will the change make Blender easier to use/understand (especially for new users).
  3. Is it required to fix some fundamental flaw or for performance reasons.
  4. Is there a valid design or marketing reason for the change.

As far as I can tell - the answer to all of these is no.

Given Blender has come in for some quite heavy criticism in the past over it’s UI, especially prior to v2.5 we really should be bearing this stuff in mind.

There was a poll conducted a day or so back - the consensus from the majority of the community seems to be to keep the floppy icon…surely that’s reason enough not to change it.

(Thinking Polygons) #2959

Everyone I know thinks this is a printer image :frowning:

(captainkirk) #2960

Wait, isn’t that a printer? What is it supposed to be then?

(Thinking Polygons) #2961

I don’t know. If it is a printer we are doomed.
Maybe it’s some sort of a retro instant camera “polaroid?”. Either way it makes no sense. Actually 90% of the new icons makes no sense to me, but there’s nothing we can do.

(moony) #2962

I’d have said printer…a box with a button on the front and some paper coming out of it.

If it is supposed to be a printer - it could be made clearer - but i’d have still got it based on it’s current design.


(Hadriscus) #2963

We are doomed ? Please kindly take a step back and breathe.

Afaik, this is a printer. Render output = printer, it does make quite some sense to me.

(Thinking Polygons) #2964

@moony @Hadriscus Not sure about you guys, but I think the “metaphoric party” going on in the making of those icons went too far. It’s quite childiish at this point, to be honest.

(zaha) #2965

I thought this was a one-eyed robot sticking his rectangular tongue out! :scream:

(kobato) #2966

Okay guys I’m not a con artist, but I created a general mockup of what I think the save icon should look like. The arrow and folder shape obviously needs changing but I only used mspaint to make this. Does this look any good and does it clash with any other icons ?

(Thinking Polygons) #2967

Only the floppy can do the job. Everything else with arrows and stuff just looks like download buttons.

(FreeMind) #2968

Hey, downloading is, kind of, saving, isn’t it? :smiley:

(Sanne) #2969

Why is a printer icon for output ok, when a floppy icon for saving isn’t?

Floppy is fine IMO, even if we usually don’t use those anymore. I remember them fondly and wouldn’t mind if we keep the tradition.


I agree. Very strange to think the printer is ok for render output but a floppy for save is not. Most people will think that the printer is for printing, nothing else. The icon designer and ui developer is overthinking things and it makes the whole icon set feel unprofessional. Don’t think so much and use whats common and used everywhere else.
You don’t switch the place of the pedals in the car just because you can, you follow standards so everybody can drive your car as any other car. Keep it simple, Less is more!

(apoclypse) #2971

@jendrzych is doing this for the most part on his own time. Efforts are not being taken from anything else. If he feels like working on a new save icon then that’s his time to waste.