New icons for Blender 2.8


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I literally have no idea what this is supposed to mean…

(Thinking Polygons) #2973

Better take a break then.

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(SynaGl0w) #2975

Kinda looks like a literal “download” sign… like the front of a bench one might see in an outhouse.

This whole debate is hilarious. The poll answered the question, common use in most other software answered the question. But nope. Move over colored wire-frames, a new king has claimed the throne!

At a certain point the random arrows pointing all over the place is going to become confusing.

Also when I first started using 2.8, I could not figure out the reason for that printer icon. Most software for render output settings uses an “image” or “picture” :framed_picture: icon, not a printer :printer: We are setting image pixel resolution, format, etc, not DPI or pages.

On the subject of iconography, I wonder if I can persuade the local city council to use purple ovals for all new stop signs. After all, why not?

(Evandro Costa) #2976

This is all good if you are talking about light scenes.
Now try to work on a scene with 10million tris, where blender completely freezes for 5 minutes while it saves automatically. The only useful way to work with such a scene, is to disable auto-saves and save manually every now and then when you, the user, wants to save. Not to mention the previous save-states all occupying Gigabites of hardware space from such a heavy scene… while if you save manually, you can control how many saves you have.

We usually only consider the best scenarios when thinking about such concepts, and forget that the software not always work on our favor. There’s a reason manual saves are a standard after decades of computing.

I simply cannot find viability in a program, without my explicit consent, that freezes for minutes every time I move a vertex on a multi-million-tris file, simply because someone thought that saving every step of the way was the best way to go, and didn’t consider that not every save takes milliseconds to occur.

Unless you can adress the problem that I mentioned, where blender completely freezes while saving a very heavy scene, and the fact that the program can’t distinguish how much it should store depending on the file size and hardware available space, both things that are much better managed by the user himself.

(moony) #2977

What are you - the forum police? :grinning:

(Okavango) #2978

Definitely this one. And even the one that @apoclypse made, without the bent corner, blew me out of my shoes.

(moony) #2979

Fair enough.

Is this icon set an optional thing or will it become the defacto standard for Blender 2.8?

If it’s optional, the designer can do what they like. If if’s mandatory, the community should have a say.

(moony) #2980

Plus I have always found autosave in any program to be buggy. The amount of work I have lost due to autosave crashing or corrupting the file is just not funny.

I invariably turn it off and have disciplined myself to manually save frequently and to also up-version my files manually if the work is important.

(Hadriscus) #2981

What’s preventing you from being cool, just for a bit ? I do not think these agressive one-liners are welcome by anyone.

@moony they meant some icons are metaphors (eg a printer in the case of render output) and they do not like it because it looks childish.

As for the case of auto-cloud-save, agreed… let’s come up with a working system before we remove the save command entirely along with its icon.

(Sanne) #2982

And even then, lets not remove manual saving. What if I don’t want to use the cloud? Or I want to manage my file versions manually? Auto-cloud-save should be optional, not mandatory, ever.

(The Cavelap) #2983

I’ve modded it a little bit further and so in my sense it’s way less similar to an import icon.


(jendrzych) #2985

Kudos for @thecavelap!

(Harley) #2986

Looks like a fancy “G”…

(Thinking Polygons) #2987

Agressive, really? Don’t be too soft man.
You may not notice but I’m cool as hell. Is that some people here have that “ass-licking” type of behavior for no reason, always pretending there’s no problem, always hiding the truth. Sorry, but I just can’t handle this fake crap. We are not kids.

(jendrzych) #2988

Dear @ThinkingPolygons - do not measure other people by your own yard-stick.
Personally I judge You by what You post here, which I find aggressive and sometimes offensive, with little to none of valuable content. Maybe in real life you’re cool, but we’re here and now.
I’m sorry You find yourself doomed. Can’t help it.

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Strange - I see a fancy Save icon :smiley:

(FreeMind) #2990

People are so picky…

(stargeizer) #2991

Speaking of picky, How about add the bent tab to the icon? and i think with one pixel less wide, I think it could be the final detail to hit the jackpot. (IMHO, and i’m serious about it.).

(Thinking Polygons) #2992

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