New icons for Blender 2.8


(jendrzych) #2993

I’m intrigued - could You be more specific about the bent tab?
I can’t ignore it fully if I don’t know what You mean… :smiley:


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(stargeizer) #2995

If i’m going to be ignored, lets do this the complete way!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


This is what i’m talking about, for consistency with the “new document” icon (since they are shown in the same menu), or update the “document” relevant icons, for consistency (is still important here??)

Trolololo lololo lololo ho ho ho ho hoooo!!!

PS: quick and drity icon drawn using paint, just to illustrate the idea, nothing more, nothing less

(jendrzych) #2996

Ah! The folded corner!
I intentionally omitted it - I find it so strong, that it may attract all attention, drawing it away from the arrow. I don’t think it’s truly needed.

Yours wanna-be-again-a-twelve.

(stargeizer) #2997

Fair enough.

(Harley) #2998

Any icon with a document that has an arrow pointing into it will look like import - because it is showing something moving into the document. Just as an arrow pointing out will look like export. However, if that arrow is perfectly vertical then it will instead look like download or upload, depending on direction.

Saving isn’t about movement at all. It is about keeping safe, storing, fixing in place, making permanent. It can seem like there is movement involved because there is usually a location to save to, but that is a secondary action. The concept of “saving your money” might mean putting money in a bank, but it is not about the trip…

(moony) #2999

The point is not what you see - you aren’t coming from this from a neutral position. You need to design with your audience in mind. If you asked 100 people what your icon meant without any prior knowledge of this discussion, how many people would say “save”.

To me the meaning is unclear especially since it’s not all that different from icons like import and download. The only real difference is the slight change in direction of the arrow and how many people would pick up that “save” is what is meant by that.

To my mind the existing save icon in the shape of a floppy is perfectly fit for purpose. Nothing about the newly proposed icon improves on the ubiquitous one - and forcing the change could actually come with significant downsides in that it may not be clear what it means to new users. It also breaks with the convention of the majority of other applications already in existence, especially windows based ones.

(jendrzych) #3000

Nah - apart from the Save icon itself, the task of the icons is not to be recognizeable at a glance for new users, with no experience with the app. If we see the problem this way, almost all of icons all around would be useless. An icon is not the main meaning carrier - it just complements the option/function/operator/whatever.

(SynaGl0w) #3001

Uh oh, giving them more ideas. Now somebody will want a safe, bank, lock, dollar sign, or some other irrelevant symbol for “save.”

Pretty sure that “majority of other applications” carries little weight around here… Except with the flat UI style. They latched on to that like flies to excrement.

(moony) #3002

I’d say that is exactly one of their primary functions. Why else do so many programs (including blender and this forum) apparently share common icons for well understood and frequently used functions.

Iconography is used every day to convey “at a glance” information to a user (especially new ones). For example, I don’t need to read the instruction manual on my DVD player to know that the right pointing triangle on the remote means “play”.

For people with poor eyesight - icons can be very important in recognising functions where the text that may accompany it could be illegible. People even demonstrated this a few days back by blurring images of text and icons - and the icons were recognisable long after the text became unreadable.

Even for people with perfect eyesight - and icon can convey information much faster than text can, why do you think many important street signs (especially safety related ones) are symbolic rather than textual.

And the floppy save icon fulfills that perfectly. The floppy icon is well understood, widely used and clear/recognisable…so why the need to change it?

What are you making better by doing so?


Seriously, that is no longer funny.

Users and BF can no longer be held hostage, It’s useless to boycott uncomfortable responses.

(Dzmitry) #3004

Not sure what is more disappointing, fact that discussion about save icon still going or people not knowing how import and save icons look and trying to reinvent wheel.

(enenra) #3005

Personally I’m not a fan of the document with an arrow because it looks like download or import to me.

What about :snowflake: as a save? You sort of freeze the state when you save :wink:

(3dioot) #3006

At least you are getting into the spirit of this thread. I think its brilliant. :wink: :hearts:

(Jerzy Górski) #3007

like the screen freezes when you save a large file XD

(captainkirk) #3008

Nah, this is Blender, not MAX.

(FreeMind) #3009

I wonder where we could use an icon of an actual blender lol

(moony) #3010

That could be the icon for “Render” - it does rhyme afterall :smiley:

(burnin) #3011

We save & we remember :wink:


(captainkirk) #3012

And it’s the stage where everything is all blended together into one final result.