New icons for Blender 2.8


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Yeah. I like this one too.

You know the OSS community is an interesting thing. We have pages upon pages arguing over the same thing. If Apple changed their save icons tomorrow (Apple actually doesn’t use save icons as their HIG uses menus and their menus are usually icon less) I don’t think anyone would bat an eye and wouldn’t have a say in the matter even if they did. It’s the nature of how open the things are and how involved the community is that people can passionately argue over something that seems so insignificant.

I like the debate though. It really lets us argue both sides as to why the floppy icon became so ubiquitous to begin with. The argument for using the floppy basically keep repeating the same thing. Every other app has it so why rock the boat. The arguments for change are asking why use an icon for something that a lot of people have no real connection to. It’s really interesting imo.

However I agree with what @jendrzych wrote here. The best thing to do is to move forward to something new but at least acknowledge the floppy by evoking its shape a bit. At a glance it has the same general shape as a floppy but it’s not a floppy. I think users can get the general gist about what it is from there.

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  1. None of those were in as widespread use by consumers as the 3.5inch floppy. It was essentially the defacto standard across multiple platforms for almost 2 decades. All of the others were either early implementations across a limited range of products or were niche products that never saw widespread use.

  2. None of those has had iconography created that has been so widely associated with the save function - and still is to this day.

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Why though. If the floppy icon is considered outdated to the point it cant be used to represent save - what does acknowledging it achieve that simply keeping it would not?

Honestly - the floppy icon as save is so ubiquitous - it even has it’s own meme

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Kind of a follow up to my previous post, I found a video on this same study that I found interesting. Covers floppy disks and various other things.

While I think trying to change the save icon is a misguided waste of energy, I don’t think it’s going to negatively impact the software significantly either. The reality is, Blender targets technical users and the save icon probably isn’t going to trip them up much.

Where I do disagree is the condescending assertion that people born after a certain date won’t understand what it is. Everyone is aware of technologies that were before their time. Designing on the assumption that users are ignorant, is the opposite of proper usability design, but a trap designers often fall into.

I’m confident the floppy disk icon would outperform any other icon in a usability test. I’m not necessarily opposed to changing it, but I simply don’t think it can be improved. Otherwise, we’d already be using something else.

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I too disagree with this.

However, on the other hand, do people need to understand the origin of an icon to understand it’s meaning.

How many people understand the origin of the cross icon as close or the circle with a line though it to indicate a function or action is prohibited.

Sometimes we just accept that certain icons have evolved certain meanings via their widespread adoption and use.

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C’mon, don’t ask me or anyone why the world went after one icon. It just happened :wink:

Me too. I like to debate and I am open to any decision if it makes sense. That’s why I find myself against @William motivations* which are just arbitrary in my opinion.

* “floppy icon incorrect because we don’t save on floppies”

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save these for when the “interactive mode/game engine” comes back and use it for the behavior programming of the items on screen


Wasn’t something like this introduced a while back? It gets rid of the ambiguous meaning of the arrow, and retains the floppy silhouette (or page curl silhouette, whatever you prefer).


Or this, which is keeping in line with the Import / Export icons:


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Levity alert:


How about this for the save icon? It predates the floppy by a couple of thousand years.

(Disclaimer: Due to the total failure of my past attempts at humour on the internets, it seems I am unable to correctly identify the emoticon for irony and mean no offense. Why so serious? Is idle banter frowned upon now? It saddens me to think that Ton finds this forum a little toxic for his tastes and that my slow days at the office have been reduced to putting up with Russian bots, Creimer and apk on Slashdot…)

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I think everyone is overthinking the save icon

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For behavior icon - stomach, guts are reserved :wink:

And a bit more about our nonsensical prudence — Does a floppy disk resemble an SD card or does SD card look like a floppy disk or is it a CF card. Maybe its a SIM… Yup, most memory units are square-like & an arrow shows an action.
Simple, fast to get used to and easily distinguishable, recognizable in a set - should be easy even for newbies in 22nd century after an ignorant glance.

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ok I know its not mono :grinning: …very serious issue here… :nerd_face:

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Nah - just the minority who seem to be pushing a change for no real reason/benefit. The poll appears to show that the vast majority are quite happy not to give it a second thought and accept iconography already in widespread use.

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I can see that, and I do agree that it’s very elegant = but at a glance it’s still more or less a paper sheet.

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I don’t know how many users have been able to immediately understand the meaning. I did, maybe also because I live in Italy. Your post is really ingenious.

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The icon is not good, because the salvation isn’t what we use fishes for.


fish as an early Christian symbol means ‘Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior’, so it’s totally suitable.:wink:

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So by this trend, I have another candidate:

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Wow, how many days has it been arguing about the Save icon? Is this some kind of filibuster?

To be completely honest, this is all totally irrelevant. You could put a poop emoji there and eventually your eye will adjust to it. You can plainly see the word “Save” written right next to it. You’ll just go to the poop to save your file: :poop:. It’s all a matter of letting yourself get used to new things. Obviously, that doesn’t work for all things, but for icons with words right next to them, you eventually get used to it and you won’t even notice it anymore.

Where the argument is much more valid is when icons exist without an explanation of what they are. Those are really the only ones warrant a discussion. But again, once you learn what they mean, you get it and just adjust to hitting that button for the function you’re looking for. Right?

On the plus side though, at least you guys aren’t talking about color icons anymore. :rofl:

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I still find only one of these to be self-explanatory